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Stock Analysis

Stock Analysis: 2GO, MCP, NOW

By: Marvin Germo | May 8, 2017

I would normally do most of my analysis right after the market has closed or just before the market opens. This is so we could get a clearer snapshot and the analysis would be based on the closing price of the stock. This time, I tried to dabble into something new, I did my Facebook Live analysis video during the half time break of the market. The criteria of the stocks chosen are still based on our #StocksByRequest sessions and based on the highest number of votes. I’ll try to do more live videos like this and upload it to youtube if this is something helpful to your trades. If you also find the Youtube channel to be helpful please show me some love and subscribe!


Stock Analysis

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The stock is not doing so well right now. After breaking down from its short term support the stock is still under selling pressure. I’ll update you should we see the stock hit a support level and stop falling or when we see the stock finally reverse upward. You have to understand that the upward swing of NOW last year was because of the speculation of what it could be in the future. It really has not shown yet a consistent track record of earnings which is very important for stocks to stay in a very solid uptrend.

There are no sell signals yet for both 2GO and MCP. Your goal as a trader and investor is to maximize your earnings in these stocks and not sell to0 quick. This goes for quick traders as well, the two stocks are still showing a bullish upward swing, so your goal is to not follow your emotions and hold and let your profits run! For more insights on these stocks, please check the video below on how these concepts translates into the charts.
Congratulations on those who bought at the breakout just a couple of trading days ago! Now you see why trading the market is fun!

Enjoy the video!



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