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Stocks and Marriage

Stock Investing and Marriage

By: Marvin Germo | April 18, 2016

Hi Everyone!  If you missed our very first #FacebookLiveEvent of #StocksByRequest you may click this link to check the stocks that we talked about last night.  Thanks to everyone who participated!

Wedding Anniversary

I’m on a high right now because I’m about to celebrate my 4th year wedding anniversary with the girl of my dreams in just a few days!  I was trying to think of a way on how I could dedicate an article for my wife and this post was formed from there.  This article is quite light and not as technical as the normal stock analysis that I would do on a normal basis but I do hope this still adds value to you and you find this post to be fun!

Stocks and Marriage

Stock Smarts Manila

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Stock Smarts Manila

Stock Investing and Marriage 

As I was thinking about an article to write, I tried to think about certain principles in stock investing that could generally be applied to married life as well.  If you are single, try to learn these things as early as now as you might use this when you get married someday.  If you are married, I hope this helps you or atleast you find this a bit entertaining!  While for those who are invested in the market, check if the marriage principles do hold water and it relates well when it comes to the stock market!

God bless you and I hope you all do well in love and in stocks!

Wedding and Stocks

1. Pick the right one and hold on to it as long as you can.  The longer you hold on to something that’s good, the greater the return over the long term.  Remember JFC, JGS, URC,  and other great companies that were pretty low years back are now way up in terms of price.

2.  If you are invested already, don’t sell just because times are bad.  Don’t be too emotional and trade because you are frustrated.  Try to cool off first and try to decide when emotions are not running high.  I have seen a lot of people lose great amounts of money because they gave into fear.

3.  Before you decide and commit into something don’t just dive in because everyone is doing it.  Make sure you do your research well.  In stocks, don’t go for the hype unless you validate it with your own research.  Everything must be based on either fundamentals or technicals so you are not just guessing and hoping.

4.  Sometimes the most volatile ones give you the most excitement, while the steady ones give you the stability even when times are shaky.  Both are okay but you need to know what fits you the most.  If you can’t sleep well at night due to wild swings stay away from volatile stocks.  But if you thrive under the speed of price action go for more volatile stocks.  I have seen people who have made great strides of wealth by buying based on stocks that fit there personality.  Also the same as

5.  Invest with the end in mind.  Don’t be discouraged if things don’t go your way in the beginning  Just like in love, you don’t win her heart right away.  The same is true with stock investing.  Stick to your plan and focus on the end game.  You wont win all trades, your portfolio wont be up everyday but if you adjust your strategy properly in the end you win.


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