Stock Investing is for Every Juan

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Stock Investing for Filipinos

Stock Investing is for Every Juan

By: Marvin Germo | November 6, 2015

I just love encouraging and teaching people about winning strategies in stocks as I have made it my personal mission to bring as much investors to invest in stocks and equity funds so that more and more Filipinos take advantage of our ever growing economy.  I believe that investing in the market is now in a position that it is available for everyone willing to take the time to study and know the risks and rewards attached to it.   It’s such an awesome feeling to share about it but it’s also amazing when you hear the experiences of other people.

In my previous post, I  featured the story of Renato Nepumuceno, an overseas Filipino teacher working in Thailand as he passionately shared his story and why he wants more teachers to start investing in the stock market.  For this blog, we have another overseas Filipino, Jermain Poncardas, this time he shares his own perspective why stock investing is for every Juan! Just an encouragement for everyone, Jermain is a nursing graduate with no background in finance when he was college but now he is a passionate investor in the PSE!  If he can do it, so can you!

I hope this article empowers you to invest even further!  Check out what Jermain has to say!

Jermain nurse turned Investor

I am a Nurse and I want to share some points on how stock investing can help you on your journey towards Financial Freedom.

 It is for Everyone

No matter where you are in the world, either you are a nurse in a foreign land or a seaman on the high seas. Investing in the stock market is now just a click away. Online trading has made it easier for people abroad to invest in our beloved country.

All you have to do is to open an account from any online brokerage and send your documents to validate. Then you can avail their trainings when you go home.  Another option is you can search online groups & blogs to help you out on your start-ups.

Getting involved in Philippine Stocks is one of the ways to help boost our economy plus we ourselves can ride the growth and raise our money with it.

 It’s as Easy as ABC

You don’t need to have a business degree or any masters to learn how to start investing in Stock Market. You just need to spend time studying the basic concepts and advance your learning as you go along. Getting a good mentor with a good experience can help you avoid common mistakes.

 You can Start Small

As little as 5,000 Php you can already jumpstart your journey. It would be really helpful to start doing it little by little as you try to learn the in and out’s of stock investing.  Experience is always the best teacher. So let the experience hone your skills specially in selecting the perfect stocks for you. Later on, you can increase the fund that you allocate according to your tolerance and risk appetite.

 It’s A Good Multiplier

Investing in stocks gives you higher chances to multiply your money. Stocks are one of the best investment vehicles that have a higher yield percentage than any other investment class if done correctly. That’s the best thing about it!

 Growing Your Money Tree

Basically your money grows by price appreciation and by dividends shared by companies back to you as a gesture of being an investor. Considering it might be a good option. Once you pick a good stock with a good valuation. Partner it with right timing then you will be astounded how your hard earned money multiplies. This takes some time to master the skill though and time for the price to go up but patience can always get good results.

 Grow your Portfolio as you Learn More

I do believe that education plays a vital role in succeeding this type of venture. Experience will eventually put a grip on your fundamental and technical knowledge in stock investing. Learn, apply and again learn, there is no other way to perfect your skill but through repetition. Find what works for you and repeat.

I do hope that these insights would urge YOU! My fellow ‘Kababayans Abroad’ to start your investing journey in Philippine stocks today. To Financial Freedom! Thank you to Marvin Germo for letting me Share my thoughts.

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