Stock Market Analysis: TEL and BPI

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Stock Market Analysis: TEL and BPI

By: Marvin Germo | February 16, 2016

The PSEI closes up again today inching another 51 points higher as it tries to move back up into significance and tries to turn from bearish to bullish.  With that, some blue chip stocks continue to reverse upward and are inching closer to turn bullish too. While there are some stocks that are still struggling to move back up still.  While things may look better than where we were before, we are not out of the woods yet and still need some upward pushes to turn bullish.

As promised in the previous post that I will try to post as much stock blogs as I can again.  Yes, I’ll try to be as consistent in writing again as I can.  I just hope this website helps you more and more as you move towards financial freedom and that I hope the stock market becomes one of your tools to reach your goals of financial freedom.  (If you are new into stocks and want to learn more check out this videos.)

For today we will have chart analysis for both TEL and BPI.  (If you want to learn more about trading using charts click this link)

TEL – Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co.

If you look at the chart below you will see that the stock has just successfully broke out of the resistance at 2,126.  If the breakout continues the next target price of the stock would be at 2,430.  If the stock fails to break 2,430 you may decide to take profits at that levels.

You may expect more selling to happen as the stock approaches 2,430 as this may be the strongest selling level before the stock turns fully bullish.  Should the stock breakout of 2,430 then the stock can now go back up to 2,690.

What should you watch out for?

Look at the 2,126 level.  TEL must hold and stay above this level for all of this things to be valid

Additional Notes

Please take note that TEL normally gives out dividends during March and it just normally goes up days and weeks before the ex-date of the dividends and starts to reverse back down again after investors get entitled to the dividends.

TEL Feb 16 2016

BPI – Bank of the Philippine Islands

From the chart below you can see that the chart has turned fully bullish already.

What should you watch out for?

The stock must hold and stay above 89.6.  If the stock fails to hold above 89.6 you may see BPI to correct back to 88.6 to as low as 85.5.  Should the stock fail to stay above 89.6, the stock will still remain bearish.

What’s good about this?

However if BPI stays above this levels the stock would now have the potential to move up to 95.5.  For those who are trading quick, you may take profits should BPI fail to go above 95.5 over the short term.  Should it breakout of 95.5 though, you may continue to hold on to the stock.  I’ll try to make an update too on what the next target price resistance is.  It would be good though if you can learn to interpret and read charts on your own.  I believe using charts to trade is one of the best ways to move in and out of the stock market and it’s not as complicated as what most people think it is.

BPI Feb 16 2016

That’s all for now!  Thanks to everyone for all your messages and questions!  Just keep them coming and I will try to answer them as much as I can and as soon as I can. 

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