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Stock Market Investing for Every Overseas Filipino

By: Marvin Germo | January 14, 2015

Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to meet different overseas Filipinos from all walks of life.  It’s been a heart warming experience to see and feel what they have been going through on a day to day basis.  From the Father who does his best to make ends meet so he can send his kids to school, to the daugther who sends most of her income to her family back in the Philippines and to the mom who is miles apart from all her love ones.

OFW Financial Freedom

I know that Overseas Filipinos are our modern day heroes.  Not only because they span the miles to provide a better future for their families but also because they are one of the biggest reasons why our economy is surging and moving forward.

I really beleive our kababayan OFWs deserve a better, bigger and brighter financial future ahead and one of the biggest ways to help them achieve that is by education.  Through the years I have heard a lot of wrong misconceptions that the stock market is just for the rich, the “highly” educated, or the gambler.  I beleive it’s time that we change that!  This February and March 2015 we will be having back to back to back seminars in Thailand, UAE, and Singapore with one end goal — Stock Market Freedom for Every Overseas Filipino!  

I love what I do, I will continue doing what I do.  It’s been my personal mission to help more and more Overseas Filipinos to move from being consumers to investors.  I want to change the way each Filipino thinks on how they perceive money.  I will not stop until I see more and more and more of our countrymen reach Financial Freedom!  I love our country and I dream to see a more prosperous and abundant Philippines in years to come!

To our kababayans in Thailand, UAE, and Singapore, here are the list of events:

March 20th Stock Smarts Singapore 2015 (Basic) – Day 1
March 21st Technical Analysis
March 22nd Portfolio Mangement, Market Outlook and Fundamental Analysis

Stock Smarts Singapore 2015


February 28th Money Management and Stock Smarts Thailand 2015

Stock Smarts Thailand

March 6th Stock Smarts UAE: Firm Foundation – Day 1
March 7th Stock Smarts UAE: Technical Analysis – Day 2
March 8th Stock Smarts UAE: Pro – Day 3

Stock Smarts UAE 2015