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By: Marvin Germo | January 28, 2019

Bloomberg Philippines Interview

Sharing an interview with One News: Bloomberg Philippines segment where I shared my thoughts on where I believe the stock market is headed based on the current trends that are moving and shifting in the macroeconomy plus what the charts are actually saying in terms of direction.

In the video I also shared my thoughts on my favorite sector — consumption. I really believe that the because fears of inflation have started to taper, spending will continue to increase and companies that have been laggared last year will now start to reverse and move in a bullish fashion.

Case and point in this video URC and MAXS.

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Here’s the Bloomberg TV Interview, below are the charts


Context: All of the fears from 2018 are now out of the window
-Inflation has already slowed down and is expected to still be lower this 2019.
-Interest Rates have gone up so much in 2018, that there’s an expectation that it will be kept steady or even be loweredin 2019.
-Oil prices: There is currently no upward push for oil
-USD vs PHP – The upward push of the Dollar has also stopped
-Foreigners have started to come back in
-Trading Volumes have continued to go higher
-GDP: 6.2% is below expected but everyone accepted this because 2018 was just really bad.
-The market is around 8% up for the closing of 2018.
-We are currently at the strong resistance of 8,100 which we hit April 2015, July 2016, successfully broke out from in September 2017, Broke down last march 2018.
-If we fail to break 8,100 the near term support is at 7,850 while the strongest support now is at 7,500.
-P/E – 20.45x


-The stock has broken the 2.5 year downtrend
-As confirmed by it staying above the 200 day moving average. MACD is also bullish as of today.
-It needs to hold and stay above 12 for it to maintain its bullish move up. If it does, it could go to 13.7, if it fails toit could retrace back to 10.90.
200 DAY MA = 12


-Broke out of the 2 year downtrend
-It’s also confirmed by it being above the 200 day MA and being denoting its bullish with no change in direction yet.
-Next Resistance is at 153, fails to breakout of that it could go to 143.Breakout from 153 will bring it to 170
-P/E – 30.23
-200 DAY MA = 134.50

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