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Kobe PSE

Stock Picks and Kobe’s Farewell Game

By: Marvin Germo | April 14, 2016

Posting this while watching Kobe’s farewell game in the NBA! As of this writing he now has 38 points just in the 3rd quarter! Apologies for posting this rather late, this was the  two days ago.  You may adjust the stocks to where it has moved already as of today’s trading.

Thank you for the memories Kobe!

To Kobe Bryant!  Thank you so much for inspiring all of us to strive for excellence not just in basketball but also in life!

Kobe PSE

Stock Smarts Singapore

Singapore has been close to my heart as it was one of my first international talks 5 years ago and its such an honor to go back there this June 24 and 25.  This time we will be having 4 action packed module, 2 sessions I will talk about how you can select amazing stocks and the other 2 sessions I will share on how you can find the best time to buy and sell those stocks!  So if you are from Singapore or have relatives from the area, I’d like to invite you to attend our 2016 edition of Stock Smarts Singapore!  Also if you are from other  other regions of the world, we also have Stock Smarts in UAE, Australia, ManilaCebu, Qatar and New Zealand in the next few months and also ICON will be back at Samsung Hall this year! It is my greatest desire to see more Filipinos abroad and for them to learn the right way to invest.  It’s just a bout time that we reduce scams and we see more people move in from consumers to investors!  I’m just also curious, if you guys want to have Stock Smarts in iloilo, CDO, Bacolod and Bicol this year?

Stock Smarts Singapore

Now back to your Stocks By Request! 

This is based on the order of how I posted it in Facebook.  Meaning the last post was the first one that I shared in Facebook.  I also posted the stocks here almost the same as the way I posted it on Facebook.  Each stock that I posted is distinctly separate from each other.    For the stocks that I missed, I will post another one later tonight to have you covered before we start the week.  God bless you all and I hope this helps you in your trades.  I really want to see you prosper so that more and more people will believe that it can be done in the stock market!


The stock is still bearish over the long term. For passive and position traders, avoid the stock first until we have a full conviction of reversal.

For quick traders and those who bought at 64.5 the initial target price is at 66.2 and 69.2 You can sell should the stock fail to breakout from the two target prices.


For quick traders, watch 214.7. Should the stock drop that price range, avoid the stock first as it may as it may correct to 203. The stock could range from 214.7 to 220 over the short term.

Should the stock breakout from 220, adjust your sell target to 228.

For position and passive traders, we have no sell signal yet. You can hold your positions further.


No buy signal yet for position and passive traders. The stock is still bearish over the long term.

For people trading quick, get ready to sell at 6.1 should there be no breakout evident.


For quick traders, you can take profits already. Specially if you do not see any progression from 2,110 levels.  If the stock breaks out from 2,110 it has a chance to move up to 2,240.

The stock is still bearish over the long term.  It will turn bullish after breaking past 2,146


The stock is bullish for the short, mid, and long term.

For position and long term investors, you can hold your positions as we have no sell signal yet. For those who want to add more you can look at 88.6 (if it goes down) as the cheapest price to buy it will all indicators are still bullish.

For quick traders, buy as close as 88.6 and you can set your target price to 91.2 to as high as 98.


Buy, if the stock holds above 26.4. Initial target price could be set at 27.3 and can go to as high as 29 should the breakout progress.

If 26.4 does not hold, you might want to sell or avoid the stock as it can drop to 26/25.6 over the short term.


Price action is all dependent at the 4 Peso price range. For anything significant to happen the stock must hold and stay above 4. Target price is set at 4.3 and 4.4 for the short term.

For Position and Passive traders you can still buy, no sell signal is evident yet just as long as the stock stays above 4.

For those who have waited for more than 4 months, now is your time.


Breakout! Initial target price is set at 8.4. If it breaks out from that, adjust your target price to 8.75. If it goes above that, adjust your target price to 9.2

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