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Stock Picks that You Requested!

By: Marvin Germo | April 12, 2016

Guilty!  I did the live session of#‎StocksByRequest‬  at midnight last night!  Thank you so much to everyone who still participated in the event.  It was nice to know the most pressing issues that most investors check and watch on a daily basis.  I’m just happy that in my own simple way I get to help you in you buying and selling.  Just a word of caution, please just use the data here as a reference point and I encourage you to study and make your own strategy, similar to our good friend from General Santos, who happens to be a lawyer by profession by a stock trader and investor by passion.  The Same as him I long to see more and Filipinos trade the right way and I hope this website and my books point you toward the right direction.

Stock Smarts Trainings

Similar to the last midnight session of our  the stocks that we have here are a selection based on the stocks that you have requested online.  I also pasted them on a similar fashion as to how I posted the alerts online.  So if you we’re asleep last night during the live session here’s a bit of a summary on the stocks that we discussed.

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ICON 2016

Here are your #StocksByRequest


If the stock does not hold and stay above 1.53, you may see a possible drop back to 1.36. Should the stock hold above 1.53, a short term target price should be pegged at 1.67.

Just a disclaimer the stock really does not have much volume so once the interest in the stock is gone it may experience also a slowdown in movement.


For people who are trading quick, the stock may range from 5.67 to 5.97 over the short term. If the stock drops below 5.67 please avoid the stock first as it may correct to 5.45. If it does bounce from 5.67, you can set your target price at 5.97.  If the stock breaks out of 5.97 adjust your target price to 6.25.

The stock is still relatively bullish over the mid to long term and there is no sell signal yet if you are a position trader.


Let’s see how much price action there is in today’s movement. The stock somehow bounced from the short term support of 3.82. But again watchout for 4, nothing will happen to the stock unless is breaks out from 4.

[Intraday UPDATE] as of this writing the stock is now above 4, should it hold the short term target price of the stock can be pegged at 4.3 – 4.4.

For passive investors this may be a good time for you to add extra also now that the trend is on your side.


The stock has broken 3 resistances today. The next resistance is at 1.235. However, if the stock fails to break out that we may possibly see the stock go down to either 1.076, 0.956 or 0.885.

Should it breakout, (if shomehow it does) from 1.235, the next possible target price of the stock would be at 1.6. Again this will only be valid if VITA stays above 1.235. If it fails to do so the stock may correct. Might be good to lock in profits if so.


The stock is still bearish for the long term, please avoid the stock if you are a position trader if you are investor, please avoid the stock as well if you plan to buy tomorrow.

For people trading quick, should the bounce from 4.56 be valid, you can set your target price to 5.07 to as high as 5.30.


The stock flirted at trying to break past 22.85. Check it again in the next few days, if you are a quick trader and the stock fails to break past this price range, it may be the best time to take profits on the stock.

But if the stock breaks past 22.85, the stock now turns bullish and if you are a position trader it may now be a good time to position as the stock now turns bullish also for the long term.


For people following the index, if FMETF breaks past 121 and stays above that price range, expect greater things as the stock can go up to 125 up to as high as 129.5 over the short term. However if it does not, a possible retracement to 115 is possible.

For mid to long term investors, the stock is still bullish no evident sell signal yet.


The stock is still bearish for the long term. If you are relatively passive now may not be the best time to buy. For quick traders, if MCP successfully escapes 2.42, you can adjust your target price at 2.92. The stock can possible go that high and you can sell there if the stock fails to break past that.


For the long term not much has changed for the stock. The stock is still bearish, a proper reversal would be if the breaks out from 5.4.

If you are a mid to long term investor there is still no buy signal yet as the stock is still bearish.

For those trading quick, the stock has bounced off a level of support, a quick sell for you could be at 3.82. If the stock fails to breakout from that you can take profits quickly.

By the way this remains to be my wife’s favorite place to be in so I have to be very kind. If you are an investor tell your wife to shop and shop so the earnings report would be better. (Kidding)


The stock is still bearish for the long term. If you are a passive trader avoid the stock first. No buy signal are evident yet.

For quick traders, take profits at 5. If the stock fails to break past that — sell.


Should the stock fails to go above 57, the stock may retrace down to 55.3 for the short term. The stock is bearish though for the long term so passive traders may avoid this first.


Good one day move by the stock. All of this will all make sense if SMPH breaks past 23. If the stock does not break past it the stock may just range from 21.7 to 23.

So for quick traders if by any means the stock still fails to go above 23 take profits first. But for position and passive traders similar to last week we have no sell signals yet.

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