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Stock Smarts: #ChartSmarts – Stock Charts by Request! (July 10, 2014)

By: Marvin Germo | July 10, 2014

Thanks to everyone who participated in last nights #ChartSmarts!  As promised we charted the stock which have the most number of requests!  We will do #ChartSmarts again next week!  Just send in your stock requests via twitter with the hashtag #ChartSmarts so I may be able to review them!

If you missed it here’s a summary of the charts requested!  I do hope this charts serve as a reference point for you as you review your trades.  But I do hope you would do your own analysis and due diligence and don’t just take this as a solid truth.  My desire for you is as always that you become profitable in the market and I hope that this charts do serve as a blessing to you as you move towards financial freedom!

The stocks that had the most votes are as follows: ALI, MER, PGOLD, SMPH, RRHI, FGEN and JGS! 

For the short term the best place to buy ALI is at 30. Selling may happen at 31.8 to 33.

MER looks like it is breaking out of a downtrend. It may go up to 262 – 274 over the short term.
After, dropping the 44 Peso range, PGOLD may drop to 41 Pesos per share.  If the 41 pesos price range remains strong, you may buy in that price range.
SMPH may drop to 16 after experiencing massive selling at 16.60.
RRHI dropped after hitting the resistance of 73 & also broke the support at 70.5.Stock may drop to 66.45   If 66.45 does not hold the 71 Peso price range we may expect RRHI to drop to 62.90.  If it bounces at 62.90 that may be a good place to buy and pick up the stock over the short term. 
After dropping from the uptrend, FGEN is now forming a short term down trend.
FGEN fell after hitting the resistance of 22.3. The stock may drop to either 20.44 or 19.6 if buying does not happen in those price ranges.
JGS hit the resistance at 52.70 it is currently on its way down & may go down up to 48.95 to as low as 46.6


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*stock charts via chart nexus