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Stock Smarts Most Requested Charts of the Week – PGOLD, BDO, ALI, BLOOM, MEG

By: Marvin Germo | March 13, 2014

Thanks to everyone who have been sending out emails for the past week or so.  I always try to read all of your emails as much as possible.  Due to the numerous requests to post charts I tallied the most number of request and out of the 178 emails for the past week about stock charts and I will post the top most requested stocks for this article.  I will try to do this on a weekly basis as schedule permits.  Sort of our weekly countdown on the most requested stock charts.

Thank you so much for all the support and the trust in what I do.  I love what I do and it’s just an honor to be able to help you in your investing.  You guys just make what I do worth it!

Top 5 Stocks

Below are the top 7 stocks to be featured this week based on your votes.

2.  BDO
3.  ALI
5.  MEG

As what I always put in my articles, my job is not to feed you fish but to teach you how to fish.  May this stocks just serve as your reference and to help validate what you have already studied.  This are all based on technical analysis and it would be best if you have a background on it to help you understand the ins and outs of what I am posting.  May this weekly posts serve its purpose to take you closer towards financial freedom.


1.  PGOLD – The stock experienced selling pressure at 46.79 pesos per share.  Due to the selling pressure the stock dropped to a certain degree where it reached a new buying level.  That’s at 44.34 pesos per share, if this is a valid buying level we may experience see it go up until 46.79.  But if it doesn’t we may see it go down to 42 pesos per share.

Price to watch out for: 44.34,  Buy if it goes up, sell near 46.79.  If it goes higher than 46.79 just hold on and let your profits run.  But if it falls, avoid the stock and just come in around 42.17.  If you have bought earlier, you may 44.34 as a place to take profits.

PGOLD MArch 13 2014

2.  BDO – The stock has experienced great gain over the past few weeks.  If you bought earlier congratulations.  We have to consider since it has already been up for sometime profit taking may occur.  Which is normal and part of the market.  Watch 84.43 if it falls lower than that you may consider selling and taking profits.  If you don’t have the stock you do not buy yet.  As if it falls below that price range we may see BDO go to either 81 or 78.  If it goes above 84.43, well and good.  It may be headed to 87.71.

Price to watch out for: 84.43

BDO March 13 2014

3.  ALI – The stock is still in a short term uptrend which started mid December 2013.  If you still have the stock, ride the uptrend until you see it stop.  Your take profit point maybe somewhere near the 28-29 Peso price range.  The stock has gone down the past few days but this is just part of it’s uptrend and it is currently resting now in a good buying area.  If you have not bought yet, if the stock bounces we may see ALI move up to around 31-32 pesos per share.  If it falls from its current price, avoid the stock as it may go down to the 27-28 Peso level.

Price to watch out for: 29

ALI March 13 2014

4.  BLOOM – The stock is currently in a short term uptrend but is still bearish over the long term until we see it go above the 10 Peso per share level.  You may expect selling at 10 pesos per share, but if it does not drop and it moves  above 10.0 you may see it go higher to the 11-12 peso price range.  But if it does fall, you may consider to lock in your gains as selling may occur at 10.0 and would bring the stock lower to either 9.5, 9.0, or 8.5.

Price to watch out for: 10

BLOOM March 13 2014

5.  MEG – The stock experienced heavy selling at 4.3 pesos per share.  The drop in price as of late just validates the fact that selling is happening at that point.  It now rests near the 4 Peso price range.  If it falls further and if you haven’t taken any profits yet you may consider to do so as more selling may cause it to drop to 3.73.  If it bounces and goes up just hold and watch 4.30 pesos per share.  If it fails to go beyond that you may take profits.

Price to watch out for: 4

MEG March 13 2014


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I do hope that this shows added value to you towards your goal to be financially free!

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