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PGOLD stock update

Stock Update: PGOLD enters the PSEI

By: Marvin Germo | February 23, 2017

Puregold, one of the largest supermarkets in the country and one of the fastest growing chains finally enters the PSEI. It will be replacing EMP by March 13, 2017.  This move will add more buyers to PGOLD as mutual funds that follow the index will have to buy it to maintain the balance.  I have been a long time fan of this stock ever since its IPO and I like how it plays into our consumption driven economy and the way they position their stores at areas where it is easily accessible for people to shop and just go home.  Their Aling Puring whole sale segment is one of its greatest edge over SM as this allows PGOLD not only to tap into the consumer space but it also allows them to dabble into corporate sales.

PGOLD stock update

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PGOLD Technicals

Aside from being an amazing company with an ROE of 13.70 and income that just continues to go up every year.  Let’s take a look at what the charts say.  From a quick trading perspective the breakout from 45 will add more momentum to the stock upward.  Adjust your target price to 48.55 because of that breakout.  If the stock fails to breakout of 48.55, quick traders may now take profits as the retracement may bring it back to 45 levels again. For position traders we have no sell signal yet for the stock for the mid term.  All parameters are still pointing into a more bullish undertone.  Should the stock even breakout of 48.55, hold on to your positions as this could lead to a target price of around 60 for PGOLD over the mid term.

Stick to your trading plan

I encourage you to trade with a plan over the next few days for PGOLD don’t just get carried away because the stock will be added to the PSEI.  Your goal is to stick to your plan no matter what happens and as long as the stock is still bullish ride it high as much as you can.  I want to see you profit and do well in the stock market as I dream to see more and more Filipinos to be profitable in the markets so that they could have so much excess that they become a blessing to the people around them. Hope this helps you!

PGOLD stock chart

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