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Stocks By Request! June 13, 2016

By: Marvin Germo | June 14, 2016

Start the week right with stocks!

I’m always excited for the start of the week update for the top stocks that you requested last week!  This is so  we get to see how the stocks you requested progress and how we can further react to it!  Stock trading and investing is just an amazing thing to do!  I encourage you if you are an employee, a businessman, a homemaker, a student, a Filipino working abroad, it’s time to get into the act and start investing!  This is one of the greatest equalizers for every Filipino!  I just believe its time for more Filipinos to invest!  

What’s happening in the PSEi

Just a quick update to those following the PSEi, the market bounced quickly from the support at 7,400.  This brings the index to have a shot gain to move to 7,700 over the short term!  I will write a more detailed analysis on this during the week!

Here we go with your #StocksByRequest

For this week we will have more than your 10 stocks!  We will have 14 stocks to be analysed!  BLOOM, DD, NIKL, MAXS, MEG, FNI, FLI, FGEN, SECB, SSI, SMPH, SCC, ALI and AP!
I hope you guys are enjoying and this is helping you! I just promised myself to dedicate at least once a week to do this for all of you. I hope this gives you the confidence to use this as a reference point but you still make your own analysis on your trades.
I hope you don’t just buy and sell blindly just because I say so. I hope you forge your own strategy and build your own technique!

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Stocks Singapore


After 18 months of DOOM, BLOOM finally BOOMS and shows some signs of life. The stock broke last week from a relatively long resistance line which caused the stock to move from bearish to bullish.
Will this be a sign of reversal for the stock? Here are the numbers that you need to remember:
1. For this to be a legit reversal, the stock must not go lower than 5.05 and it must stay above and hover at this range.
2. If it manages to stay above 5.05, the initial target price of the stock now could be set at 6.85! For people trading relatively shorter timeframes you may take profits if the stock fails to go below this price range.
3. For position traders, as long as 5.05 holds this would be a good place for you to come in as the trend is just starting!
4. Should 5.05 not hold, disregard points 1-3 and a possible drop to 4.47 is possible and the stock turns bearish once again. 


To those who enjoyed the run last week, Merry Christmas!
I have posted much about this stock over the past few days as this has shown a lot of excitement among traders and investors. True enough it’s a fun case study for those who follow charts and breakouts as it is a text book definition of how breakouts should be and how you can set your target prices because of it.
That’s what makes technical analysis so amazing as it removes the fear and the hype as you get to decide how to trade your stocks on your own and by your own merit.
From the charts right now its pretty clear that selling happened at 80 (That would have been one of the quickest and fastest ways to take profit). The next day after DD hit 80, the stock also failed to stay above above 70, which is solidifying the sentiments of investors now that people are locking in gains.  
Here’s the thing, if DD fails to go back to 60, we can expect the next possible drop to be at 50.  But if somehow, someway, DD goes back to 60 then it has a shot to trade the 60 to 80 range again.  But at this point it would be prudent to watch the market just run its course and lets just see when the price will stabilise.


The stock is still bearish over the long term but we are seeing the stock trying to reverse after it has hit the support at 4.15.
Now after that bounce, the stock may progress up to 5. Should does stock continue and go up in such a way that it breaksout from 5, you can adjust your target price to 5.77 as your area to sell.
If the stock does not breakout from 5, the stock could drop back down and go back to 4.15 again.  It would be good to take profits then.  
For position traders and investors, the stock will turn bullish if it breaks past 5.95!


Quick traders my take profits should the stock fail to hold on to 27.55/26.4.
No sell signal yet for position traders. No sell signal yet for investors. HOLD the door.


The stock is experiencing short term selling at 4.62. Should selling prevail, expect a correction to around 4.37 to as low as 4.15.   If 4.37 does not hold, it would be a good time to take profits.  However if the stock breaks out from 4.62, adjust your target price to 4.9. If you are a quick trader you may take the above price points as your reference.
While if you are a position trader, just hold on to your stocks first and that as long as the stock stays above 4.15,the stock will remain bullish. You may consider to take profits should the 4.15 level be broken.


The stock is now being protected by buyers at 0.845 and at 0.89. should it somehow bounce from this levels you can set a target price of 0.995 and 1.105 and sell when you see the stock having a hard time going above this levels.
Please trade this stock with utmost regard to the technicals, as I personally am not a big fan of mining stocks unless it has a buy/sell signal from the charts.
If .845 does not hold, the stock could drop to 0.79.


The stock is bullish over the short, mid and long term. No sell signal yet for trend followers.
As for quick traders, you may sell and take profits should the stock fails to breakout out of 2.05 or if it fails to hold and stay above 1.95.
The stock is already up 15.4% since the buy signal at 1.69 was established!


The stock is bullish for the long term however you can expect that there is a level of selling at 23.1 and its protected by investors at 22.
The stock could move from 22 – 23.1 over the short term, if the stock drops 22, we could possibly see the stock go to as low as 21.55 – 20.65.
While if it breaksout of 23.1, set your short term target price to 25.


The stock is currently experiencing some downward pressure. If it fails to hold 196, a possible drop to 183 is possible over the short term. You may consider to sell and take profits if 196 does not hold.
No sell signal yet for position traders and investors.


No compelling buy signal yet. The stock is so bearish right now. What we know is, the cheapest place to buy now with investor support is at 2.65.
You can buy at 2.65 and take profits at 2.8 or for those with longer timeframes you can take profits at 3.2


The stock took a beating last week however like a hero in a battle, the stock started to fight and had a good bounce today.  All eyes are now on 25.85, if SMPH fails to break that, we can just expect another drop back to 24.3 again.  If it breaks that though, the short term target price could be pegged at 27.4.    
For position traders and investors we have no sell signal yet.


The stock has a very steady and slow uptrend, it could go to as high as 134 for the mid term, this is if the stock bounces from 128.  Watch this price ranges closely. 


The stock also experienced a selloff last week similar to what happened to SMPH. The stock though got protected by the support at  36.6, if it bounces off this price it  would be good entry point for short term traders if not please avoid the stock first for the short term as it may correct lower to 35.55.  You may consider to take profits if you are holding shares for the short term.
For position traders and investors no sell signal yet.


Great breakout of the stock from 44. However, selling pressure at 48.9 is pushing the stock lower. Watch 46.3 as a reversal area, the stock’s trend will reverse downward if it fails to hold this price range.
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