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Stocks By Request! June 21, 2016

By: Marvin Germo | June 21, 2016

Congratulations to the Cleveland Cavaliers

First of all congratulations to the Cleveland Cavaliers for winning their first major sporting championship!  Props to Kyrie Irving for taking his game to the next level!  That’s what is nice about basketball sometimes even the favorites don’t win and sometimes even if the odds are impossible there is always a chance to bounce back and move forward.  To the Golden State Warriors, it’s not over you are still an amazing team, what you achieved is still something for the records books and still places you to be one of the greatest teams in the history of the NBA.  

What does that have to do with stocks?

Just like in the exciting world of stock trading and investing, even great and amazing stocks will end their run and will get beaten down when sellers think its time to cash in.  No matter how popular or good the report is when sellers dominate stocks will drop.  The same is true with some stocks that have gone through a bloody barrage of selling, they will eventually reverse and will bounce and push upward.  What’s important is you maintain and stick to your strategy no matter what.

Here we go with your #StocksByRequest

For this week’s #StocksByRequest we have the most requested stocks that you have sent in but if you notice some of those stocks all came from the pits of being bearish and have started to emerge and breakout over the past few days.  Here are the most request stocks:
I hope you don’t just buy and sell blindly just because I say so. I hope you forge your own strategy and build your own technique!

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The stock broke out of the 2.80 buying range and is progressing in its upward movement momentum with relatively higher volume. Should the stock fail to breakout of the 3.25 range quick traders may now take profits with a 18.7% profit spread.
However, should the stock push higher than 3.25 adjust your target price to sell at 3.7 and 4.
For position traders and investors the stock is still relatively bearish over the mid to long term.
News behind the action: Lower capital expenditures from 1.5 Billion Pesos down to only 600 Million Pesos


Everyone’s favorite stock is still bullish for the mid to long term, however we are seeing a resistance form at 70 and and a support at 57. Should the stock bounce of 57, it may challenge and move up to 70 again.
However expect possible selling as the stock approaches 70. Should the stock fail to hold above 57, it may possibly correct lower to 51.30. You also have to consider that the stock has been up for extended periods, you would still see a good number of investors want to take money off the table and take profits.
Just a word of caution to everyone, “long term” is a time frame and is not a strategy. There must be substantial fundamental and technical principles you adhere to that you stay in the market for the long term.


The stock is now up 33.2% from the first sold breakout at 4.7 and is also up 24% after the stock turned bullish after breaking out of 4.95.
The stock is now moving close to our first target price of 6.27, should the stock have a hard time going up from that level it would be prudent for quick traders to take profit. However if it breakouts of 6.27 convincingly, adjust your target prices to 7.1.
For position traders and investors, the stock is now bullish and is out of the 20 month downtrend that dropped the stock massively. We have no sell signal yet for the stock if you are a position trader. Just hold the door first!


 The stock broke out of our 1.985 and 2.08 buying range with relatively large volume as compared to its previous days and weeks.
Watch the 2.21 price range as your initial target price, should the stock fail to breakout of that take profits, sell and transfer to another stock. Should the stock breakout out of that price it now has a chance to attack the strongest resistance at 2.30. If massive selling occurs at 2.30, the stock could go back again at 1.985.
Should the stock breakout of 2.30 it now has a shot to turn bullish for the first time in 10 months after a massive downtrend. Should the stock go above 2.30 the next target price of the stock will be at 2.53.
Should the stock go above 2.53, this could be a good time for position traders to come in provided that the support holds.


Short term target price at 29.15. Support at 26.8.


The stock is hitting a wall of resistance at 9.35. If it fails to break this and you are a quick trader you may now opt to sell.
For position traders, hold first as there is no sell signal yet.


Either you love the stock or hate it the stock is already bullish over the long term. This is provided that it could stay above 1,992. However if it fails to hold 1,992 the stock goes back into a bearish state and it may even correct further down to either 1,900 to as low as 1,826.
Should the stock stay above 1,992 it may just move and range from 1,992 to 2,156. Will update you with a new target price if 2,156 is broken.


Great breakout by the stock from 39. If it stays and holds above 39, the next target price of ALI is at 41. Should it fail to stay above 39 and its just a fake breakout the stock may correct lower to 35.8.
The stock is still bullish for the the mid to long term and we have no sell signal yet.


The stock is still dead with no significant volume to bring the stock upward.


Selling is evident for the short term for this stock. take profits from 97.6 if you are a quick trader. Should 97.6 won’t hold the stock could correct to 95.
The stock is still worth holding for mid to long term position traders.


No sell signal yet for short, mid to long term traders. Short term upside and target price could be at 18.8, if you want to trade quick, try to sell there should the stock have a hard time breaking that level.
For position and ling term investors, the best price to buy is everytime the stock bounce from 17.4


The stock is still bullish for the long term no sell signal yet for position traders and investors.
The stock may just move from 21.07 to 22.2 over the short term. However if the stock fails to hold from 21.07, it can potentially drop to 20.4.
If it somehow breaksout of 22.2, adjust your target price to 23.4


Should the stock fail to hold 5.16, sell as it may correct to as low as 4.6 while a bounce from 5.16 would just bring the stock to 5.45


Very short term target price, 13.35,the stock could correct though to 12.32 if the stock fails to hold 12.8.

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