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Stocks By Request May 10


By: Marvin Germo | May 11, 2018

Stock Picks for the week!

Hi everyone! Here are your most requested stocks for the week! I hope you that you use them as a reference point so you get to trade the markets with confidence at the end of the day technical analysis is the best way to trade because it allows you to buy and sell based on logic, market sentiment and without the bias of using your emotions. I do not make a trade without using technical analysis.


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Here’s a video summary of the the most requested stocks



Globe continues its upward movement on the backs of amazing earnings. As it is poised to close above 1,700, expect that the stock may push towards the resistance at 1,825.

A breakout from 1,825 denotes a reversal from the downtrend but a failure to do so triggers a sell signal for people who bought from the breakout earlier this week.


If SMPH will stay above 35.6, it looks like we are seeing a reversal in our hands. SMPH may be one of the first large caps stocks to show signs of reversal. Failure to stay above 35 though, warrants a take profit signal for quick traders who bought SMPH when it was oversold.


CHP at 3.15 is at it’s lowest low. What’s bad continues to be bad. No buy signal yet for this stock no matter how low it is. There is still no reversal signal in sight for this stock. Avoid for position traders.

If it bounces from 3.15 though, quick traders may pick it up and take profits and set their sights at 3.60 for a quick 15% trade.


The stock bounced from the 15.80 support level and because it was already oversold. For those who bought because it was oversold, set your target price to sell at 17.35. Failure to break that level, is a take profit signal for quick traders. For position traders, the long term trend is still bearish and we don’t have a buy signal yet nights.


The stock failed to breakout from the 3.75 resistance. This is a sell signal for quick traders already. Failure to breakout from this range would bring the stock down to the support at 3.25 to as low as 2.95.

From a trend perspective, the trend is still up with no sell signal yet in sight.  For position traders, it would be good to hold on to this stock first until a reversal signal is found.


The stock has been ranging from 6.60 to 9.35. Buy everytime it bounces from 6.60 and take profits / avoid the stock the closer it gets to 9.35,


The stock bounces from oversold levels from the 59.5. For those who picked it up, the first target price is at 67. Sell if the stock fails to breakout of that. A breakout from 67, will bring the stock to 72.

For position traders, the stock is still bearish, we have no buy signal yet as of this point in time.


The stock bounced from the 12.8 support. Should the bounce continue within the 1 month price bound range, the next target price is at 14.25. The stock is also up because of it hitting oversold levels. Nothing more nothing less.

For position traders, the stock is still bearish and we don’t have any buy signal insight yet. Avoid the stock first.

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