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ICON 2016

Stocks By Request: May 24, 2016

By: Marvin Germo | May 24, 2016

Hi Everyone!  I know its been quite a while since I blogged about the most requested stocks in Facebook!  But Here we are again!  I’m trying to balance my time specially with my own trading, our new barbershop Talas Manileno, me writing Stock Smarts book 4 and then our events for ICON 2016 and our Stock Smarts events.

For this session, the top 10 stocks requested are as follows: DD, NOW, SSI, SMPH, URC, ION, MEG, JFC, ALI, X, TEL.  The posts are all short in nature as these are mostly all unedited from what I posted in Facebook.


ICON will also be back at Samsung Hall this year, with 7 speakers and more than 1000 people hungry to learn!  As our economy is growing its time fore more and more Filipinos to invest!

ICON 2016

Stocks By Request

Double Dragon (DD)

The stock is currently just moving through the motions of its breakout. Whatever price action you see now is just a by product of it piercing past 50. At this point we don’t have any sell signal yet for both quick and trend traders.
A short term target price though could be pegged at 60. Should the stock correct, watch if 50 holds. If it does not, you may also consider to take profits.
Merry Christmas!

NOW Corp.  (NOW)

What a great bounce by the stock from 2.42. At this point you can expect that there is a certain level of buying interest near 2.42. Should it come back at that level again and hold it may be a good place to pick up the shares even more.
As of this point, the stock is just reacting to its bounce. For those who bought during the bounce, set your target prices to 3.50. If you are trading quick and the stock fails to breakout of 3.50, you may start to take profits.
For midterm traders we have no sell signal yet. Enjoy your gains and just ride this upward movement!

SSI Group (SSI)

For people trading and investing for the mid term, please avoid the stock first. Nothing has changed, the stock is still as bearish as it could be! If there’s one thing evident is that we know that there will be heavy selling each time the stock will hit 3.80 – 4 (false breakout).
For those doing quick trades, should 2.75 hold and bounce, you could consider buying there and sell quickly at 3.14, that would give you about 14% gain. Make sure to sell if the stock goes below 2.75 and take profits if the stock fails to go above 3.14!

SM Prime Holdings Inc. (SMPH)

One thing is still clear. SMPH is bullish for the short, mid and the long term. We also know that 22.95 is now the new buying range for the stock. For those who are trading for the short term, watch and wait for the stock to go back to 22.95, should it bounce from that range then you are presented with a good buying opportunity.
For those who are holding shares and want to sell for the short term, watch 25.25, if the stock fails to go above that, you may now start to take profits! Should it go above 25.25, hold on to your stock first and let the trend take it higher!
For trend followers, no sell signal yet! Congratulations!

Universal Robina Corporation (URC)

The stock got protected by buyers at 198. If the bounce continues, this presents a good buying opportunity. However other indicators are still pointing bearishness in nature.
Should the bounce happen, you may buy at 198 and set your target price at around 220. However buying at this range, you must be prepare to sell should the stock fail to stay above 198. It’s all about risk and reward!
The bad thing about this is, if the stock fails to hold on to 198, expect the stock to have a downside target price of 185.
This stock would be fun to watch as a lot of long term investors have been also wanting the stock to drop so they get to buy it cheaper.
Let’s see who will win, the bulls or the bears? Which side are you on?

Ionics Inc. (ION)

The stock will just move from 2 to 3.1 over the mid term. For those trading you could respect that range and buy at 2 and set a mid term target price at 3.1.
For those trading the stock for shorter durations, consider taking profits at either 2.50 and 2.80 should the stock experience selling pressure in those areas!
Please make sure to sell if you buy at 2 and the stock goes below that price. Minimize your losses.
That’s why its so important to plan your trades well!

Megaworld Corporation (‎MEG)

MEG! Everyones favorite blue chip stock to trade because of its volatility is now up 41% after hitting rock bottom at around 3.1.
At this point, the stock is still bullish for the short, mid and long term. For investors and mid term traders, please watch 4.15. Everything you hold on dear to is hanging with that price range. The stock will turn bearish should the stock go below 4.15. Please avoid the stock if it goes below that. If you have shares already and want to take profits you may sell should this event happen.
For people who want to make a quick buck, check out the bounce from 4.15, if it bounces, you can set a quick target price at 4.40.

Jollibee Foods Corporation (‎JFC)

JFC is just like Curry trying to challenge the all time greats in basketball! The stock is now trying to break past a 15 month resistance!
Should the stock manage to stay above and hold its ground above 238/240, you can set the mid to long term target price of JFC to 300!
Can you say boom! The bee is flying once again! Jollibee is putting the joy in Chickenjoy!
Over the short term, should the stock fail to breakout from 240, we may expect it to just range from 220 – 240. For those doing quick trades you may buy at 220 and take profits at 240! This represent an 8% trade.
Hope this helps you!

Ayala Land Inc. (‎ALI)

The stock is ‪sideways for the mid term. Should the bounce progress, the stock would hit 37.6 for the short term. Should it fail to have enough strength to go above 37.6 and you are trading for the short term, you may consider taking profits.
The cheapest place to buy the stock while it is still bullish is at the bounce from 34.4.
Hope this helps you and I hope to see you all this June 4 and 11 in our technical analysis course!

Xurpas (X)

The stock is still in a long term uptrend. If you are a long term investor in the stock, there’s no need to sell. The rend is pretty much intact. Congratulations to everyone who bought during IPO!

As for the mid term, expect the stock to move from 16 to 20. Cheapest place for you to buy is when ti bounces from 16 and set the target price to sell at 20. If executed well, this represents at 24.5% gain.

God bless you!

Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (‎TEL)

A stock that has been bad fundamentally gets even more battered by the market. TEL is in a short, mid long term downtrend. If you are thinking of buying the stock, please avoid first as of this moment.
What’s scary is, if the stock fails to go above and bounce from 1,675, we may possibly see the stock to 1,500 over the short term. Ouch.
Please avoid first until we see anything significant change in the charts or at least there is any significant catalyst that will bring buyers back to the table.

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