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MidNight Stock Requests

Stocks By Request! Midnight Session!

By: Marvin Germo | April 10, 2016

Thanks to everyone who sent their‪ #‎StocksByRequest‬ yesterday!  There were a lot of posts so I tried to post as much as I can at midnight last night!  To my surprise that there were still a lot of people still awake!  To those that joined me in our live session last night thank you!  You guys make what I do so fun and well worth it!  For my analysis on SMPH you may click on this link. By the way, for those who want to learn more about stock investing but can’t join our talks here’s how you can grab a copy of the Stock Smarts Book Series.  If you know a friend who you think may need this, please feel free to share this information to them.

Stock Smarts Stock Requests

Stock Smarts Singapore

Singapore has been close to my heart as it was one of my first international talks 5 years ago and its such an honor to go back there this June 24 and 25.  This time we will be having 4 action packed module, 2 sessions I will talk about how you can select amazing stocks and the other 2 sessions I will share on how you can find the best time to buy and sell those stocks!  So if you are from Singapore or have relatives from the area, I’d like to invite you to attend our 2016 edition of Stock Smarts Singapore!  Also if you are from other  other regions of the world, we also have Stock Smarts in UAE, Australia, ManilaCebu, Qatar and New Zealand in the next few months and also ICON will be back at Samsung Hall this year! It is my greatest desire to see more Filipinos abroad and for them to learn the right way to invest.  It’s just a bout time that we reduce scams and we see more people move in from consumers to investors!  I’m just also curious, if you guys want to have Stock Smarts in iloilo, CDO, Bacolod and Bicol this year?

Stock Smarts Singapore

Now back to your Stocks By Request! 

This is based on the order of how I posted it in Facebook.  Meaning the last post was the first one that I shared in Facebook.  I also posted the stocks here almost the same as the way I posted it on Facebook.  Each stock that I posted is distinctly separate from each other.    For the stocks that I missed, I will post another one later tonight to have you covered before we start the week.  God bless you all and I hope this helps you in your trades.  I really want to see you prosper so that more and more people will believe that it can be done in the stock market!


Expect the stock to move from 225 to 235 over the short term. You can trade this thin margin if the gains are attractive to you. Buy at 225 and sell at 235.

If JFC fails to hold 225, the stock could correct to 220. While if it breaks past 235, it now has a shot to challenge the all time high at 241.

If it does that and breaks the all time high! You will see new levels open up for this stock! Can you say Chicken Joy?


If the stock holds above 18, you can expect it to trend higher over the short term. Initial short term target price is 19.

For position traders we have no sell signal yet.


Great breakout by FPH, the stock is now bullish on all fronts. Congratulations to those who bought at 68.4. You guys are amazing and are doing well!

The volume though is not as strong as I want it to be but nevertheless please watch out for the 68.4 level. This is what holds the bullishness of the stock together. If it goes below this prince range, sell.

For those who are positioned already just hold on to your stocks first and maximize your gains! Congratulations!  Just keep on requesting this stock so I can update you should there be a sell signal.

For quick traders, initial target price can be set at 73.1, if it goes above that adjust your target price further to 82.6!


The stock is trying to breakout from the 7.5 resistance. If it successfully moves up on Monday, watch the stock move up to 7.8. The next target price after 7.8 would be at 8.1!  Choose your sell points properly!

By the way, this is all under the notion that COSCO holds and stays above 7.35 because if it does not all bets are off and you can disregard the potential short term upside.


The stock is bullish for the short, mid, and long term. No sell signals are evident yet for people positing trading. For those who are trading quick, the stock is currently at the support at 18.55.

If the stock bounces off of that, you can have a very lean target price at 19.05.


The stock is hanging at the support right now at 88.8. Expect the stock to go even higher should it bounce back from 88.8. You have to remember compared to other stocks that I have posted today, CEB is bullish for the short, mid, and long term. You can expect a more bullish sentiment for this stock compared to the others.

The shortest target price that you can place for the stock could be at 92. If it breaks past 92, next target price is at 95 and 98!

Lipad na!


The stock had a good bounce from 8.9. Next week will be interesting as we try to see if it can breakout of 9.6. If DNL fails to breakout from that you may expect the stock to drop back to 8.9 again for the short term.

You have to remember that DNL as of this writing is bearish for the long term. If it breaks past 9.6 we may have something interesting coming!‪#‎ChangeIsComing‬ if it breaks past 9.6.


The stock has experienced a correction after hitting the short term target price of 40. The stock has currently hit a very short term support at 35. If the bounce progresses you may buy the stock and set your target price back at 40 again.

Be sure to sell quickly if the stock does not hold from 35.

For mid to long term investors you can still hold on to your stock, no sell signal is still evident. I will send an update again soon.


Watch 741, if the stock holds above that level. If not the stock turns bearish and it could drop further to 717 over the short term. However if the stock bounces off 741, adjust your target price to 760 over the short term.


Great bounce from the support at 34.65, if that continues, the short term target price of ALI is now pegged at 37.6. Take profits if ALI does not break that level. However, if it does, hold on to the stock first, as it can still go up to 38.85.

Take note, ALI is bullish in the short, mid and long term. The drop over the past few days is just merely a correction to the support.


The stock is still correcting and is in a short term downtrend. If the stock even fails to hold 2.55, expect the stock to drop to 2.40 in the short term.

It would be good to avoid the stock while it is still dropping.


The stock is facing an indecision, what once was full of bullish conviction is now having some sellers dominate the stock with some still pushing for it and buying. After all the stock has been up 141% in just 10 trading days, who would not want to take profits from that?

Here’s the thing, at this point the stock does not have any sell signals yet. If you have the stock you may still consider holding it, however please consider this:

If the stock does not move higher than 2.2, we may expect the stock to drop to 1.695 over the short term. So watch 2.2 if that does not break the stock may experience temporary selling and may correct.

However if the stock breaksout of 2.2, we may see the stock move higher to 2.7.

Either way, Merry Christmas everyone!

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