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Stocks Picks: Most Active Stocks for the Day

By: Marvin Germo | April 6, 2016

Thanks to everyone who watched ANC On The Money as we talked about how to select good stocks  and my new book “Where Should You Invest?”.  I had fun in this episode and I would like to thank you for the kind messages I’m glad that this has helped you in your investing.  If you have more questions, feel free to message me via this link.  My goal is to see more and more Filipinos learn more and invest in the stock market.

Where Should You Invest

For this blog feature.

The stock picks that I have selected are the top 5 most active stocks for the day.  We will still have our #StocksByRequest some time this week!  Similar to the previous posts, I have tried to segregate timeframe and signals for position and quick traders.  I hope this helps you and gives you more conviction on how you trade.

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Before that, I’d just like to make a quick plug on our Stock Smarts Cebu this May 14. If you have friends and relatives that may benefit from this I would appreciate if you could cascade this to them. My greatest desire is for more Filipinos abroad to learn the right way to invest.  It’s just a bout time that we reduce scams and we see more people move in from consumers to investors! We also have events in UAESingapore, Australia, Manila, Qatar and New Zealand  in the next few months for other kababayans in the area.  ICON will be back at Samsung Hall this year!

Now Here we go with the 5 stocks!

URC, the stock is still in an uptrend for the mid to long term.  

Stock Picks Sell

For quick traders, you may now take profits.  It is apparent that there is evident selling at the 220 price range.

While if you are a position trader you may still hold on to the stock.  I’ll provide an update in the future should a sell signal be evident.  Because of the selling around 220, you may expect the stock to correct a bit and it could drop to around 208 to 205.

ALI, the stock is still bullish for the long term

Stock Picks PSE

But you should watch it closely over the next few days as it is in a make or break situation and could turn bullish over the long term.

For quick traders, watch the 34.75 price range.  If the stock holds this price and bounces from it you may buy and set your target price at 37.65 for a quick trade.  Just a disclaimer, sell if the stock does not hold and goes below 34.75.

While for position traders, you must also watch out for the 34.75 price range.  Avoid the stock should it drop and breakdown from 34.75, however you may position should it bounce up from it.

SMPH, similar to the first two stocks mentioned above the stock is still bullish for the long term.

So there is no sell signal yet for investors however you may ready your cash should the stock comeback to the long term support if you want to buy.

If you are a quick trader, you must avoid the stock first as it may correct back to 21.2 for the short term.  You may try to buy it back should by any chance the stock go back up and stay above 21.8.  It could go either way at this point as the long term trend is still bullish, it would be best to manage the risk that you are willing to take if you would want to trade this stock.

While for position traders, the mid term trend line is now broken and you may now take your profits and just transfer your earnings to another stock.

MEG, just declared that its core income increased to 11.2 Billion Pesos

Stock Picks Buy

This is 33% up from the previous 8.4 Billion Pesos. Looking at the stock charts, the stock is still currently bearish over the long term.

For quick traders, you may buy the stock as long as 3.95 holds.  If it does, buy at 3.95 and sell at 4.30.

For position traders, avoid the stock first and wait until we see complete confirmation that the stock is already bullish for the long term.  Watch if the stock breaks out from 4.30, if the stock breaks out from that you may start to come in and position.

GTCAP, negative price action for the stock over the past 2 days was triggered by the dividend ex-date yesterday.

Stock Picks

The stock is currently down 5.4%.

If you are a quick trader, watch out for 1,352, if GTCAP bounces from that, you may buy and set a target price of 1,447.

For position traders, what we are experiencing right now is a correction driven by dividends.  Nothing has changed fundamentally for the stock.  There is no sell signal yet and you can hold the stock as long as it stays above 1,315.  You may take profits if it fails to hold above that level.

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