Stocks By Request FB Live Session Mactan Airport - Marvin Germo

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Stocks By Request

Stocks By Request FB Live Session Mactan Airport

By: Marvin Germo | February 20, 2017

I just love doing #StocksByRequest live as I get to hear you all out and interact with all of you.  This FB Live session was shot just a few minutes before my flight so please pardon the occasional interruptions during the live sessions as I had to verify a couple of times if my flight was about to board.

Stocks tackled in this video are: TEL, TUGS, CHP,  EEI, MWIDE, CPG, MBT, MRSGI, JFC, EDC, DD, GLO, JGS, PIZZA and PGOLD.  The basis of the analysis were the closing prices as of Friday, February 17, 2017.

I hope this video helps you in your trading as you move closer towards financial freedom!

Stocks By Request

Here are the first events for the year!  I will give you an update on our live sessions on UAE, Qatar and Iloilo in the next few weeks!  The heart of why I do this seminars is I want to build a generation of Filipinos with the right foundation in stock investing.  I want to bring smart investing to every Filipino around the world!  This is my passion and this is what I want to do over and over!  To bring more consumers to investors!  In this sessions, I will be teaching different techniques from how to select the right stocks up to how to find the perfect timing in buying and selling stocks.

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I’m excited to share my latest book, Where Should You Invest?    This will answer one of the biggest questions on the what, where and when you should invest on. I will also tackle the concept that there are certain investments that work well with others and some investments that don’t work well at a certain investment phases.

This is aimed to help investors have a holistic sense on how they can grow, maximize, and preserve their wealth!(Stock Smarts Book 4 is also coming this year)  I also feature other books in my website with authors that I respect which have different expertise in Finance, Business, Investing and everything else in between.

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