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Stocks By Request

Stocks By Request March 9 2017

By: Marvin Germo | March 9, 2017

As TEL disclosed yet again lower than expected earnings the stock started to move up.  What caused this?  Is TEL worth buying now?  That and more to be discussed in this video. I really hope that this video helps you as you try to become a stock market expert in the Philippines and in your own portfolio!

Aside from TEL the other stocks tackled in this video are: CHP, MEG,VLL, STI, JFC, CEB, TUGS,BLOOM,MPI, ALCO, X andFGEN. The basis of the analysis were the closing prices as of Wednesday, March 8, 2017. If you would notice from the video that most of the stocks are already battered are still bearish for the mid to long term.

Stocks By Request

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