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By: Marvin Germo | August 23, 2017

Here’s a quick fix of stocks as posted via Facebook posts (hence the short lines). I have around 19 stocks based on the most requested picks you sent in via FB, twitter and The analysis is based on the closing prices of August 22, 2017. We will have our FB Live version of #StocksByRequest this August 24, 2017 at 9pm.


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A bounce from 9.55 would bring the stock to 10 over the short term.


Should the breakout still progress, plot your target price to 134 for the short term.

If the stocks stays above 10, adjust your target price to 12.5 as the stock is still bullish in all fronts.


The stock must breakout of 5.20, if not we may just see it retrace back to 4.6. A breakout from 5.20 would bring it to 5.7.
The bounce from 7.5 would bring the stock to 7.9. Should the stock breakout of 7.9, adjust your target price to 8.15.


Position traders, no sell signal yet as the stock is still in a good uptrend.

Quick traders, take profits if the stock fails to breakout from 33.7.


Quick traders, buy from the bounce of 1,985 and take profits at 2,195. Please sell also if 1,985 does not hold and it breaks down from that level.

No buy signal for position traders. The breakdown from 13.25 could bring the stock to a short term downside target of 12.


Buy at a bounce from 16.8 and take profits at 18.5.


Quick Traders: Failure to breakout from 5 can be your trigger already to take profits! congratulations as its a good 15% – 22% swing from the recent breakouts!

Position Traders: No sell signal yet as the trend is still bullish.


Quick Traders: Take profits should the stock fail to breakout from 7. Should it retrace down and bounce from 6.55, that could be a short term buying opportunity.

The stock is at the short term resistance at 4.25. If it break’s out of that, the stock could advance to 5.


Just broke out from an immediate resistance. Near term target price is pegged at 95.


Breakout. Initial target price 4.25.

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