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Thank you for Attending Stock Smarts Conference UAE 2014

By: Marvin Germo | September 1, 2014

I just got home more than 18 hours ago and before I go back to my normal routine here in Manila I would just like to thank everyone for attending our very first Stock Smarts Conference in UAE!  It was a very colorful 2 days wtih 4 action packed modules and 16 hours of stock market learning!


This conference was indeed something dear to my heart as I have been receiving hundreds of emails each month from OFWs and relatives of OFWs living in the UAE who got hit by scams.  I really beleive it’s just right that each OFW get educated with the right foundation on investing.


For the conference itself, it’s such an amazing feeling to see 300 OFW attendees across 4 modules (about 75 per module) eager to learn how to invest in the Philippine stock market.  I just really believe that its time to do so and I just love to see more and more of our kababayans move from consumers to investors.


What I love about the conference is that, I get to have the honor to be part of your saving and investing for the future! My desire is that this conference be a turning point that would bring you towards financial freedom that the concepts we learned be something that would trigger you to be profitable in the stock market, not just now.  But repeatedly for the long term.  I believe that your greatest days as an OFW in UAE have just begun!  And because of you more people will actually be investing in the stock market!


I would also like to honor my partners and our very own Stock Smarts UAE Team.  You guys are amazing!  You are making a difference in the lives of our kababayans in the middle east.  I keep saying this over and over, for every person that gets financially free because of this seminar it is because of your dedication, passion, and hard work.  You guys encourage me to just push on even more with what I do.  You are the reason why I am inspired to do what I do! Keep it up and see you again soon!

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Stock Smarts Conference UAE will be back early this 2015!  Stay hooked for more details!


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