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Thank you! Have a Smart 2015!

By: Marvin Germo | January 1, 2015

As we say goodbye to 2014 and step into 2015, I would like to thank the people who made and Stock Smarts as fun as ever!  Thank you so much for sharing this journey with me towards financial freedom!  I believe 2014 would not be as fruitful without all of you and I would just like to dedicate this blog to honor you and thank you for all that you have done!


First of all to every reader and stock smarts attendee thank you so much.  It’s an honor to be part of your investing journey.  I really dream to see a day of Millions and Millions of Filipinos moving towards financial freedom!

Stock Smarts UAE – Thank you so much for every kababayan hungry to learn how to earn in the stock market.  It’s just a heartwarming feeling to see Filipinos in UAE eager to move into financial freedom.  Thank you so much to Jhaniz, Mae, and Karen you do not know how many families you will impact in the future because of this movement.

Stock Smarts Dubai NY

Stock Smarts Singapore – Similar to UAE you guys have such a hunger to save, invest and not remain an employee forever.  I see a new generation of OFWs hungry for more advanced learnings from all of you, I believe our country will never be the same because you are changing the paradigm of how Filipinos should think, act and move.  Thank you Rodessa for running with me for this race towards finanical freedom.

Stock Smarts SG

Wealth Conference Qatar / AFP Qatar / OFIEM Qatar – You guys are one of the most passionate financial advoctes that I have ever met.  Your zeal and drive to help educate our kababayans in Qatar are above and beyond what I have seen.  Thank you for gennuinely caring and loving our kababayans.  The road may be long, but you guys are making a difference and country will never be the same because of the love and the sacrifice that you have made.  Thank you Bernard & Rhea, Ellen & Julius, Marisol, Obet, Julius, and to the newly engaged Therese.

Qatar NY 7

BPI Trade – Thank you so much for believing in me and sharing my passion to make stock investing the choice of the investing generation.  Thank you for drive to help educate Filipinos and to bring them from just consumers to investors.  I know we will see a day where we will have 10 Million Filipinos invested in the stock market.  I beleive, that time will come sooner than we all think!  Thank you Mike, Ricky, Yanna, Carissa, and Mica for making me part of your 2014!

Mike NY 3

BPI Trade NY 3

Sun Life – I just love your zeal and passion to make financial indepence cool and relevant for everyone.  I support you and your drive to help bring a brighter life to more and more Filipinos.  Thank you so much for partnering with me and having me as part of your advocates to bring more Filipinos to save and invest.  Thank you Riza, Mylene, Tania, Carla, Tara and Ila for all the love and suppor through the years.

Sun Life NY 5

Sun Life NY 1

CSM and Roy Amurao – To my book distributor and printer thank you so much for running this race with me.  My books are in the shelves of every bookstore because of your tireless effort to deliver and to get the job done.  Here’s to more years and more books to come!


BrandspeakAsia – Thank you so much for beleiving in me and for all the help this past year!  Thank you for helping us put up the one of the most passionate conferences in 2014!  I believe by God’s Grace greater days are still ahead of us!  Thank you so much Leigh, Tsa, Deneice, and Joreen for all the tireless effort and providing us with excelence in every area.


ICON2014 – One event, more than a thousand people all hungry to learn how to invest!  Thank you so much to everyone who attended, for those who flew in just for the event, I am in awe for your passion to learn!  Seeing so many people hungry to make our country a wealthier place is such an amazing feeling!  See you again this year for an even bigger investment conference!

Icon 2014 NY

Randell Tiongson – Thank you so much for the seeds that you have planted in my life.  You revolutionized the Philippine Financial Planning Inudstry.  The next generation of Financial Planners are stepping into grounds that you have plowed for with blood, sweat and tears.  I beleive the best is yet to come for you!

ICON 2014 NY2

Randell NY 3

Henry Ong and RFP – Thank you so much for taking financial planning and consulting to the next level!  I’m glad to be in the forefront of all the things going on!


ANC On The Money – You guys are amazing!  You have made something boring and mundane into something that is filled with character and significance!  I’m glad to have been part of your show!  Kudos to your amazing team — Edric, Salve, Aiza, Mellisa, and Patrick!

ANC On The Money NY 3

Hewlett Packard – I salute your drive to help your employees not just earn right but also save and invest right.  I beleive all companies should follow your model and how much you pour into your employees.  Thank you for giving me the chance to sow into the lives of your employees.


UNTV’s Rise and Shine – Thank you so much for allowing me to share different things that are in my heart!  From stocks, to investing, to debt, to business, and almost every finance topic under the sun!  I share your advocacy to help more people learn the basics of finance!  Shout to Peachy, Ella, Jenny and the rest of your team!  God bless you and see you again next year!


Mellow 947 – This show is special to my heart because we talk about issues that young adults and professionals tackle on a daily basis.  Thank you so much DJ Chloe and Ingrid for helping me educate more and more young professionals to save and invest as early as they can.

Mellow 1

TV5 and Radyo 5 – From the morning, afternoon, and evening shows I guested in, I would just like to thank you for always guesting me and allowing me to share my passion!


Oplan Asenso NY7

AFP Singapore – Thank you Jess and Deb for setting this up!  We are racing the bar and setting the standard to create more and more finance professionals!  The future is bright!

AFP Singapore NY

Financial Breakthroughs Hongkong – Thank you so much Pastor David for allowing me to share my heart to our kaababayans in HongKong!  This talk was also memorable for me as this was the first time I was able to speak with a Chinese Translator!  There is always a first time for everything!  God bless you and your team in Hong Kong!

DAvid Hestivold NY

Retire Workshops – Thank you Jesse for setting this up and running with the vision to have more Filipinos prepare early for retirement!  I’m excited for more runs this year!

REtire 2014 NY

Stock Smarts Cebu – Thank you Jen and Bernadette for bringing stock market freedom to our kababayans in Cebu!  I believe this is just the beginning of even greater things in the future!  We are creating more Financially free people in the Visayas!

 Stock Smarts Cebu NY

Stocks vs Forex Team / Manila Workshops – To Fitz and Ginger!  Thank you for the parternship and for making amazing runs together!  Here’s to more and more seminars for 2015!

Forex Stocks NY

Stock Smarts Davao – Salute to Rod and your team for setting up amazing runs from both basic and more advanced topics in Davao!  I love your passion to help educate people and teach them to start saving and investing early.

Stock Smarts Davao 1

To the Churches that invited me: VCF Greenhills, New Life North Metro, Inspire Metro, New Life Tanza and my home church New Life Alabang.  Thank you for allowing me to share heart felt principles of abundance and prosperity!  I believe that God wants all of us to prosper and increase.

Victory GH

North Metro NY 2

Metro Hope Chapel NY


New Life Tanza

OFW Usapang Piso  / Angat Pilipinas Coalition –  to the entire team that organized our session for artists and musicians and to Stock Smarts Quezon!  I would like to honor you for including me in your financial freedom sessions!  Thank you Burn, Carmi, Kassy and the rest of the team!  More power for 2015!



Joel Reyes –  Thank you so much on all your contributions for both my books!  My books today are a product of all your help and effort!

Joel Reyes NY

Money Smarts Davao and CDO – Shout out to Jo Ann for bringinng both me and Randell Tiongson for a series of talks in both Davao and CDO!  Thank you for your passion to bring financial literacy to Mindanao!

Jo An Galceran

Jayson Lo – My publisher, idol speaker and one of the best authors I know!  Thank you so much for helping me get started in being an author, I am honored just to be friends with you!

Jayson Lo NY

Dennis Sy – Thank you for setting an example on how a good speaker should be!  Thank you for setting a good example to always practive what you preach!  More and more books to come for all of us in the future!

Dennis Sy NY

Rappler – to Lynda and the rest of the amazing team of rappler!  Thank you so much for allowing me to unleash my passion to educate more Filipinos in stocks and investing!  I love how dynamic you guys are!  Shout out to Jum who got me started on this!


Nestle – Thank you so much for sowing to your employees!  I believed the seeds sown will echo in their finances for years to come!


Investing in the Philippines Stock Market –  Tips and Tricks – To Omeng Tawid and the rest of the team!  Thank you so much for inviting me to speak and share in your events.  It’s an honor to be part of your advocacy!


AFP Dubai – To the amazing team of Allan, Cherry, Normi, and Franz!  Thank you so much for setting up all 8 seminars in Dubai last October!  I appreciate you for all your efforts to educate more Filipinos in Dubai!

AFP Dubai

Ephesians Management and Salt & Light – To Tita Ut and Lala thank you so much for getting me started!  Thank you so much Ella and Boris for taking me under your wings!

Salt and Ligh EMC NY

To Gretch, Candice, Neil, Rynelle, Rhizza, Heidi, and Joey!  Thank you so much for all the help in my activities  last year!  From the seminars, books, and my website!

Thank you

GMA7 – Thank you so much Saksi, 24 Oras, SONA, Unang Hirit and all of your other shows for having me!


Premeire Thought Leaders – Thank you so much for inspiring me to be so much more!  Your example has helped me push forward to be the best that I can be!

PTL Columnists – Mon, Rienzie, Gerard, Carla, Jess, Nolan, Kendrick, and Lianne thank you so much for your valuable contrinutions to my website!  I value and honor the time that you ahve spent to contribute to the website!  Lot’s of thanks also to Jeremy for setting up Stock Smarts Batangas!  Thank you! contributors

CNN Philippines – Thank you for allowing me to share and talk about saving and investments on your show!  I’m excited for more this 2015!

CNN Philippines NY

Ask Ro – Thank you so much Ro for having me in my show!