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The 4th Tallest Building / Tower in the world will be in the Philippines

By: Marvin Germo | July 17, 2014

I’ve been wating for this for a very long time!  It would be nice to have an iconic landmark that we could call our own. Each time that I get a chance to travel and see other structures abroad I just marvel at those structures and dream of a day that we would have something big enough to be considered one of the tallest in the world!

Dubai Burj Khalifa

That dream is about to become a reality!  As of July 2014, plans are underway already to build the Philippine Diamond Tower!  This will go to as high as 612 meters, purposedly done to point to our June 12 independence day.  With this height this puts the Diamond tower as the 4th tallest structure in the world!  This for sure is something that we all as a nation could be proud of and is a testament of our surging and growing economy!   This alone will create more jobs during the construction and will further boost our economy for years to come.  We are an economic powerhouse waiting to rise!  We are an economy that is moving forward and will continue to keep moving forward!

Skyline Manila

The site will be in a 7 hectare lot in Quezon City, which used to be the site of the Manila Seedling Bank Foundation, will be the landmark on where the tower will be built.  It will serve as a telecomunications tower  but other commercial establishments would be built adjacent to it.

Manila Seedling Bank Foundation
(Manila Seedling Bank – 7 Hectare property which will be the site of the largest tower in the country)

For those that are not invested yet, all I can say is.  Invest in progress!  Invest in the Philippines!  It’s time that we all start investing!

Here are the top 5 building/towers in the world.  Clearly this places the Diamond Tower  (612 meters) in the top 5!  Exciting times ahead!

1.  Burj Khalifa – 829.9 Meters  (UAE)

2.  Tokyo SkyTree – 634 Meters (Japan)

3.  Shanghai Tower – 632 Meters (China)

4.  Abraj Al Bait Hotel Tower – 601 Meters (Saudi Arabia)

5.  Canton Tower – 600 Meters (China)

In reference, here are some of the more popular structures are the world that are known for their height:

1.  One World Trade Center – 541 Meters (USA)

2.  Taipei 101 – 509 Meters (Taiwan)

3.  Petronas Towers – 452 Meters (Kuala Lumpur)

4.  Empire State Building – 381 Meters (USA)

5. Eiffel Tower – 324 Meters (France)


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