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The City of the Future

By: Marvin Germo | September 19, 2014

I got inspired after watching this video.  Rio de Janeiro in Brazil has so many similiarities with with what we have in Manila.  It’s just great to see how they are turning their city and country around!  They are not yet a 1st world country but I believe they are headed towards the right direction.  Brazil now has the 7th largest ecnomy in the world!

(Video courtesy of TED Talks)

The same is true with the Philippines, we may not be 1st world country yet.  But what I know is this, our years of decline are now over.  Our economy and goverment are both far from perfect but what I know is we are pointed towards the right direction.

The concepts and ideas that they are showing in this video  all make sense and I think this can be implemented here in the Philippines.

Rio City of the Future

I hope this blog post reaches the right people who can share the vision and the heart to see the Philippines move forward.  I really beleive that our country is destined to do great things and we have the makings to make our economy as stronger than ever.  Yes We Can!


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