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The Dream Plan for Mega Manila 2030!

By: Marvin Germo | June 24, 2014

The Philippines is bound for greatness!

HSBC forecasted that we will be the the 16th largest economy in the world by 2050.  Aside from that research analysts are forecasting the Philippines to be a 1 trillion US Dollar economy by 2030!  This video is one concrete step on how we can achieve that!

By 2030, roughly 16 years from now, Mega Manila would be a different place to live in!  What people have dreamt in the past, our generation will get to live it out.  I believe in not more than 20 years, we would have more OFWs coming home as more opportunities for business will be available here.   We are surging and if this plan will come to pass we will see drastic improvements in our railway systems, subways, highways, housing and different modes of transportation.

I believe that this plan can happen and that we will be seeing sustainable growth like we have never seen before! This is progress can be felt by anyone and everyone living in the country.

Metro Manila

Now we don’t just have the plan and the process to implement it but we also have the money to actually fund it along with numerous investors now with arms wide open willing to put money in the Philippines.

I encourage you to watch the entire video and share it to as much people as you can.  People need to see this and believe. People need to believe that we as a nation can be great again!

The need to invest now!

That is why we need to invest our money as early as now.  Because the greatest way to earn is when something is rebounding and is well on its way up!  And I know by the Grace of God this is just the beginning of greater things for the Philippines.

It’s time dream Philippines!  But it should not  just stop there.  It’s now time to make this dream a reality!

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