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The Legal Wife and the End of a “Financial” Affair

By: Marvin Germo | June 18, 2014

What are common financial affairs?  The heart of this article is to educate more Filipinos on what are some common personal finance mistakes so that they can be avoided and so that more and more of our kababayans can move into financial freedom, from debt into life and from lack into more than enough.  I believe it’s time for us to rise up and move further financially.

Check what our Wednesday columnist, Ex-OFW, Entrepreneur and financial advocate, Gerard Cantor has to say about it.


An “affair” is defined in Webster dictionary as a romantic or sexual attachment of limited duration.

Last Friday, millions of Filipinos were glued to their TVs as they eagerly anticipate what will happen to Adrian (aka “The Unfaithful Husband”), Nicole (aka “The Other Woman”) and Monica (aka “The Legal Wife”). I was surprised that even my 5 year old daughter, Clarissa in her first day in school was having fun with her friends talking about ‘The Legal Wife’ especially the ‘sampal-ing’.

Due to the popularity of these teleseryes, a government official even suggested to use these TV shows to raise awareness about disaster preparedness by flashing some useful information or alerts during these shows.  On my part, we can probably reach out to our kababayans and relate these telenovelas in educating them about financial literacy.  As they say, if you can’t beat them, join them!

Financial experts would suggest that we should have a healthy relationship with regards to money.  Not necessarily “love” money (which is the “root of all evil”), but more of managing our finances well in order to meet our goals and dreams.   So when do become “unfaithful” with regards to our relationship with money?  Here are 10 common examples of our “financial affairs”:

  • Whenever we are not contented and spend above our means;
  • Whenever we instantly gratify our desires and wants vs. our needs;
  • Whenever we love a SALE, but we hate to SAVE;
  • Whenever we use our credit cards and not pay them in full come due date;
  • Whenever we buy anything because we are jealous or we envy the Joneses;
  • Whenever we feel distant or cold on saving for that emergency fund;
  • Whenever we make excuses that we don’t have budget for life insurance and yet we spend on non-essentials regularly such as coffee, shoes, bags, cellphones, gadgets, movies, etc.
  • Whenever we break our promise to save and invest for our kids’ education or our retirement;
  • Whenever we cheat and withdraw from our long-term savings/investment plans in order to satisfy a current obsession or flame;
  • Lastly, when we spend less time on further educating ourselves, improving our cash flows, and learning more about managing our finances!

How about you, what other “financial affairs” do you often commit? Is it time to let it go?


Gerard CantorGerald “Ge” Cantor’s mission is to help Filipinos save and invest for their future while protecting themselves and their families for the present.  Ge is a Financial Adviser of Pru Life UK, a Financial Planning Advocate of Personal Finance Advisers Philippines Corporation, a Registered Financial Planner graduate, a  Certified Public Accountant (CPA), a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA).


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