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The PSEi is breaking out! What’s next?

By: Marvin Germo | May 11, 2016

Hi Everyone!  Congratulations to those who voted wisely this elections!  You all deserve a chance to vote and have a voice in the government!  Well, the market has reacted quite well after the elections, today it closed at 7,396, which is 6.2% up from the open yesterday.

This makes the market more bullish than ever for the short, mid and long term.

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Back to Business

I posted a blog two trading days before the elections, that the market started to drop and breakdown.  It could have been the uncertainty prior to the elections or  people trying to wait and see as to what would happen.  To make the long story short, after the elections, the market decided and what we saw was a buying frenzy!

This renewed buying confidence, allowed the market to breakout and move from bearish to bullish.  This allows us to set a new target price at 7,360.

PSEI breakout

What’s good even got better

The thing about that is, the market is so bullish right now that it even broke the target price in just a few hours!  Within the day, the PSEi went to as high as 7,423!  Now that we broke that price target where does that leave us now?

PSEi movement

What are the next target prices?

Please take note of the 4 price levels that I placed in the chart.  This will be the basis for everything.  My goal for this is to encourage you that timing the market can be done!  That you can do it on your own and the best way to be profitable is for you to create and analyse stocks on your own.  Do not rely on what I tell you or what others will tell you because you need to find your own conviction and strategy.   Here are the price levels:

1. If the market continues to stay above 7,360, you can peg the next target price to be at 7,682.

2.  Should it breakout from 7,682, you can adjust your target price at 7,906.

3 .  If the market drops and goes back to 7,360 but holds its ground, watch if the market bounces after that as it could be a good buying opportunity and the target prices of 7,682 and 7,906 are all still in play.

4.  If the market fails to hold 7,360, it could possibly drop to 7,035.  This is the strongest support.  If it holds and stays at this price range, well and good as the market still is bullish

5.  If somehow the market goes to 7,035 and breaks down for this avoid the market first as we are moving back from bull to bear.


FB Live PSEi Midday session

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