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By: Marvin Germo | January 28, 2019

How can you be part of the 1%?

Only 1% of the population is considered rich. It’s not because that they have more opportunities or they are smarter. Henry Sy, John Gokongwei and Lucio Tan were all born poor. But what do they have that majority of the population dont?

I hope this article helps you as I really believe that it’s time that we change the next generation of Filipinos. It’s that we elavate the way we live our lives. It’s time that wealth gets distributed and you take part of one of the greatest wealth transfers in history. This is one of the greatest times to be alive and to make money. Here are some tips on how you can be rich.

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1. Have a positive mindset.

Focus on the upside not on your downside, it’s all about having a positive mindset despite of failures and downfalls. Mistakes should not define who you are but rather they should act as a springboard to bring you to the next level. Never let mistakes or hardships destroy you. You should always find opportunities in crisis and turn them round for you to win in the end.

2. Come up with unique ideas

Don’t do what everyone else is doing. The way to get rich, is to go and do the things that everyone else won’t do. Because if it was that easy then everyone would be rich. If you do what everyone else is doing you’ll just become average but if you think out of the box, that’s where the Uber’s of this world get birth out.

One of the many questions of newbies is if it’s okay to take a loan in order to accumulate enough capital for their business. If you are just starting out, no, do not take out a loan. Only take out a loan when the business is growing strong and you have a track record of earnings. The only time you should take out a loan if you expansion is so fast and big and you run out of cash to fund your expansion. Never take out a loan and double down if you are losing money.

4. Don’t stop

Don’t rest because you are tired. Rest because the work is finished. Hustle. Sweat equity is the best type of equity that you could ever put in your business. Keep on pushing, keep on striving. Circumstances come and the only time you lose is when you stop and cave in to the problems. Keep on pushing until you find a way to go above the problems.

5. Keep your overhead low

When you are starting out, don’t buy stuff you do not need. Pour everything back into the business as this will propel you to have a greater amount of yield later on in the future. Practice delayed gratification, for the first 5 years of my life I barely spent a thing and kept pumping money back into my businesses. Learn to live a simple life first. Saving and investing massively in your first 5 years can lead to a lifetime or prosperity.

6. The Entrepreneurship Mindset

Why build someone else’s ladder if you can build your own. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong being an employee but if you know deep inside you are meant to be an entrepreneur then from the start you have to think and build the right skills that will help you. You have to remember that people will go for you because of the skills that you have and the value that you give them.

7. Work hard, work smart

If you know how to work hard, you’ll never get hungry. If you know how to work smart, you’ll be able to make game changing ideas that will change the trajectory of your life. If you can combine both, that’s where the magic happens. That’s where wealth begins. You cannot get rich if you are lazy. You cannot get rich if you do not sharpen your mind. 

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