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Stock Market is not hard


By: Marvin Germo | August 6, 2018

The stock market is not as hard as what people think

The stock market is one of the best places to invest and make your money grow over the long term. I have been investing for over 11 years already and I really believe that the stock market is one of the greatest equalizers to make normal Filipinos take part and have exposure in the economy. A few days ago, the BSP disclosed a report that there are just 890,000 stock market accounts in the Philippines and just around 400,000 UITF accounts. This figure is pretty much below 1% of the entire population. When I started investing, the figure was already 1% and 11 years later, we are still there.

From my years of experience in investing, what I have noticed is people think it’s gambling, for the rich, risky and complicated. Let me tell you nothing can be further from the truth. The stock market is not as hard as what everyone thinks it is but let me balance it out to say that you don’t also come in without knowing what you are getting in to.. Over the next few weeks I will be making more and more basic blogs to help more Filipinos know what it is.

For this post, I will feature different video interviews of people from different walks of life, to share their story. With the hope that as you watch their stories, you can identify yourselves with them and somehow it will inspire you to invest. That something inside of you will say that, if they can do it so can you!

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High school student thinks like Warren Buffet

Ten year old kid owns Jollibee stocks

High school teacher from Dipolog

Father and son trading combo 

OFW from Saudi invests in stocks

Filipino in Singapore quits her job

OFW from Africa earns 42%

Breakout trader from New Zealand

Investing couple from Melbourne

Successful stock trader from Melbourne

Taiwanese invests in the PSE

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