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The Storms of Life

By: Marvin Germo | July 16, 2014

I was just in Tacloban a couple of days ago and was so thrilled to see life there bustling that things were back to normal.  Malls openned and people moving forward and trying to live life to the full.  Fast forward 3 days after, Typhoon Glenda comes in.  Glenda arguably is the strongest typhoon that has battered our country after Yolanda.  Looking from the outside of our condo I see trees down and streets filled with debris with social media all filled with news about flooding and the destruction that it has brought to the country.

Glenda Aftermath

Things like this are sad and can bring pain specially to people who get hit the hardest.  Physical storms like this come and bring desctruction on a cyclical basis.  But just like our economic system and the stock market they all move up and down in cycles.  When things like this happen, we get hit, get down but at the end of the day we bounce back.  Every setback like this storm is not permanent, it’s not going to last  and will only be temporary.

Our passion should be to bounce back when storms of life come our way whether it may be a hit on our bodies, our finances, our businesses and career or everything else it between.  Our God has made us more than a conqueror that there is nothing to difficult for him to do.  If you may have lost stuff due to this storm, take heart, as God will restore it back to you better than what is was before.  God is on your side and will bring you into greater heights more than before.

This is article is may not be like the normal finance and busniess articles that I normally write but I beleive this is something very timely that as the dust settles and the remants of the storm are all but gone.  We as a nation, as business people, professionals, students decide that we will move forward and bounce back from storms of life that come our way.  If you have an emergency fund maybe this is the time to use it or if you have extra and did not get hit as much maybe this is the best time to be a blessing into people that got hit from the storm.

Setbacks and storms like this happen but I beleive this with all my heart, that the greatest days of our country have yet to come.


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