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Football and investing’s common denominator: Goaaaaaaaaaal!

By: Marvin Germo | July 16, 2014

FIFA’s World Cup has just ended!  Check out Therese Domingo’s take on the World Cup and how it relates to investing!  I just love how we can get truth and principles in normal things and practical things.

Therese Doha

Ole, ole, ole, ole!!! Ole, Ole!!! Too bad for Argentina, Deutschland, Deutschland! Germany wins the 2014 World Cup Title! I have watched some of the games for the past few weeks that it has been running, and I found some significant football highlights this year, which could also be applied in the world of investing, to focus in keeping on track, and achieving that One Big Goal!

Here they are:

The Messi Magic. The 2014 World Cup Best Player Awardee, and the second highest paid soccer player in the world did not reach this title overnight. Although he was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency at a tender young age, that did not stop him from becoming who he is now. He and his family were proactive enough to do something about their situation. They searched and researched for other options on how they can face their concern. True enough, FC Barcelona offered Lionel Messi the chance to train with them, and even paid his medical bills as well. Because they never lost hope, this ignited how Messi improved and developed through the years. In investing, being proactive, and pursuing continuous education will surely help you go a long way. Read books, search the net, check out sound and credible websites by authors who has the heart, and the passion to help the Filipinos towards Financial Independence.

Messi Argentina

7-1, A Decade in the making destruction. The whole world was on a stand still at that moment of tragedy. Germany scored 7 against Brazil’s 1 goal. What had happened to Brazil’s tragic finish in the world cup started 10 years ago,  “when Germany failed to emerge from their group at Euro 2004,” as stated by The Daily Telegraph’s football correspondent, Henry Winter. After this event, the Germany football curriculum was revised, local talents were encouraged, and the Under-21s were nurtured for the future games. He described the German way of thinking about football as, “The Germans take their football seriously, take their debate about the game seriously, and their discussions about solutions seriously, and enact change properly.” The seed that was planted long way back is now reaping its harvest, by coming out as champions in 2014! If this sport is being taken seriously, how much more a person’s future, right? So do what the Germans do, when you set that financial goal, take it seriously, stay focused on it, be consistent in practicing that saving strategy, and change or modify some objectives if needed.

Brazil Soccer WCup Brazil Germany

That Gotze Goal! Germany’s attacking midfielder Mario Gotze, or ‘Super Mario’ as what he is called now, scored in the 113th minute against Argentina with 1-0, wrapped-up this year’s World Cup season. Mario, along with his brother, Fabian, both started playing at a young age, and they were always in the company of like-minded individuals which made them focus, develop, and strive to be better in their chosen field. Mario knows when to grab if that opportunity comes your way! It’s always better to share those milestones (or roadblocks) when you are with people who share the same passion as you have. Who knows, you might get mentored by one of them if God permits it! This is the reason why I forced myself to step out of my comfort zone, and stay in my courage zone, introduced myself to the people who speak investment jargons and something that was very foreign to me (before, and understanding them now), and I asked questions (and still asking if I read or hear something new), research on the topics which I know my future self would thank me for, and say yes to things I still am not comfortable with, but surely expands my territory of new learning.

Gotze Goal

I did not watch the games on a regular basis, but thanks to my #lovelife who’s an All-Around Sports Enthusiast, I can be the ‘sports fan’ in an instant. Watching and reading about the Brazuca World Cup reminded me to keep moving forward and never ever stop until I have scored and conquer my own self. Doing the savings strategy is just the first step, but doing this all over again for the coming months for the a couple of years, is what will make you the happiest retiree, or even, do greater things, than what you have planned for your future self.


Therese Domingo 3 investorTherese Domingo, is an investor, aspiring entrepreneur, AFP, and a member of the Qatar-based group, OFIE-M (Overseas Filipino Investors & Entrepreneurs Movement). She is empowered to finish strong and be a living testimony by sharing her journey to be Financially Independent.


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