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By: Marvin Germo | January 1, 2019

The earlier the better

I started investing in the stock market in my early 20s with the entire goal of staying in the market until my hair turns grey. In most circles, investing in your 20s is considered pretty early. However, if knew about investing in the stock market when I was in grade school I would have started investing earlier and maybe would have not gone to college!  Because the earlier you invest the better and because I really believe that the stock market is one of the greatest ways to create wealth over a stretch period of time.

For this post, I want to feature different kids that invested earlier than me. This is to show you that wherever you are in life if you are in your 40s or you are about to retire, that if kids can do it so can you. This is to show you that if kids who have not gone through the work force yet can understand investing in the stock market, how much more you! By the way, the youngest that has ever attended a Stock Smarts session was a 7 year old kid way back in 2013. Too bad I was not able to make a video of that before! But none the less we are seeing a new breed of investors arising!

Please remember that you educational background should not be a hindrance for you to invest.That all you need to do is to put in the time and the effort to actually study and learn the rudiments of how you can use the stock market to help you make money over the long term.

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Meet Jasmin, she’s 10 years old, she barely has any subjects of physics and calculus but she owns Jollibee stocks and is investing in the stock market already. Imagine the potential of how her portfolio will grow if she invests in the market from 10 years old to 80 years old!

You rarely meet kids that have such an interest into value investing. Meet Johann a 15 year old student from Manila Science who such a keen understanding on investing in the markets. Watch this video on how he shows so much conviction on the stocks that he wants to buy.

In this video we feature a father and son tandem, where both of them are learning to trade the markets together. The father is investing in the markets while running his business while his son is investing in the market while making his way to college! Imagine the possibilities when parents support their kids and expose them to ways on how they can follow entrepreneurial and investment opportunities!

I believe we will see more and more multi millionaires in their mid 20s as we see more kids start investing earlier! If you are a parent this is for you! This is to encourage you that it’s never too late for you to invest and at the same time, this is the best time to expose your kid to learning and investing!

Meet Enzo, an 18 year old Filipino living in Qatar! He wants to invest early so that he could become the next Warren Buffet! I just love it when we have the next generation think like this. If all teenagers would think this way, we would see so many multi millionaires in their early to mid 20s! I really do hope that his stock portfolio does really well. It’s great that he is following the principles of Warren Buffet and he is exercising already how to manage his emotions as the markets drop. If you are young or if you are a parent, it’s time to let your kid invest and trade the markets with confidence.

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