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By: Marvin Germo | February 2, 2019

Why Time Matters in Investing

This is the greatest time to be alive! There is no era as good as ours, where the ability to earn and make a living is so wide open. Opportunities brought about by the internet and the technology have given everyone a shot to earn more. Today if you are earning 15,000 PHP a month from your job and you are the bread winner, the way for you to earn more is create different streams of income by hustling extra hours after work and investing what you earn from that. You have to remember that your employer can dictate what they pay you but they can never dictate how much you earn in a month. That’s why if you don’t want to be an employee forever, consider giving time to understand how investing works as early as now. Time matters in investing and if you don’t do it now, when?

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When is the right time to invest?

The best time to invest was 50 years ago. The second best time is now. There’s nothing we could do with time that we lost but there’s something we could do with time that’s in hour hands right now. Investing is not a matter of age but a matter of desire to learn it and actually do it. What matters is you have so much time in your hands to gain more skills and experience whle you are investing. The reason why you want to invest early is so that you gain as much skills as possible. Investing is a game of skill. The more skill you have the more money you will make and skills are developed through time.

How much should I invest?

You don’t need a huge amount of money to start investing. There are companies that offer shares for 5 Pesos each or even lower. You don’t need to worry about not having a million pesos to invest. Start with what you have and use that as a seed to propel you higher. What’s important is what you invest you never touch and you reinvest the earnings. You keep on doing that no matter how small it is and just let time make it grow and compound for you.

The longer you invest, the stronger the effect of compound interest

One of the greatest benefits of investing is that you are earning without dropping a sweat. This is the time your money is working hard and hustling for you. While you are focusing on your current job you your investments give you that added layer of earnings. If you invested 10,000 PHP last year with an investment that would give you a 10% return, as of today your portfolio would have grown into 11,000 PHP. It doesn’t seem impressive right? But what if this year you decide to add 1,000 a month, not touch any of the earnings but instead reinvest it. In 25 years, what you started at 10,000 Pesos will now hit a Million Pesos. That’s the power of compounding. That’s the power of money working hard for you. So how much more now if you placed a larger amount than 10,000 Pesos? The opportunities to make it larger now become endless! This is why it is important to start investing now! When you choose the right investment for you, regardless of the amount, time will be your greatest ally!

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