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Tips on How to Invest in the US Stock Market

By: Marvin Germo | February 18, 2021

The US stock market works just like PSE. You must have an account with a stock broker, put money in it, and use it to buy the stocks of popular companies. The only difference is that the US stock market has more options to offer. At least with the US stock market, you are not stuck with local companies. You can move extensively since we are talking about an international market here.

But how do you really make passive income from the US stock market? How come other people are making a massive amount when some are losing? Well, there’s no shortcut. You have to go through what successful traders and investors went through to achieve their success.

There’s no easy way in but I can give some effective tips that will surely make your stock investing worthwhile.

Start small

Think of US stocks as a business. There’s no need for you to start big or invest a million. You can start small. For as low as 10,000 pesos, you can actually open an account with a US stock broker. Starting small is a good strategy to build your discipline and control your emotion. It’s a good start to avoid being greedy. It’s a good foundation to build your financial empire without risking a huge part of your finances.

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Increase your investments as much as you can

Next to starting small is regularly increasing your investments. Do it as much as you can. Whether it’s just 5,000 pesos or more, try to top up regularly. Do it monthly if you can. Set aside 5-10% of your income and buy stocks. Make it your hobby to put as much as you can into your investment. It’s always better to make use of the time and money you have especially if you don’t have priorities or big financial responsibilities yet. To invest in US Stocks – Click this.

Study the basics

This is the most essential step yet many investors fail to do it. Studying the basics is not that hard. However, you need the will to learn. Smart investors study the basics first before putting their money in stocks. Why? Because it gives them the main weapon to survive the ups and downs of the market. And which weapon is it? KNOWLEDGE. Without knowledge, you don’t have strength. You don’t have armor that can aid you to survive the market. Remember this—you are nothing without knowledge in the stock market.

Try copy trading

This is the new “in.” Although this hasn’t been available in the Philippines yet, you can actually start investing in the US stock market by copying other investors or traders. A couple of US stock brokers have been offering this already, including eToro. Even if you are not knowledgeable enough or still learning about stocks, you can already invest your money. This is effective for long-term investors. You can wait for a few years so you can profit big. Copy trading is great because you don’t need to do anything. Just copy a specific trader and that’s it.

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