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By: Marvin Germo | March 9, 2020

Stocks Are Hard To Comprehend

There’s no doubt about it, stocks are hard to comprehend especially if you are a new player. You can’t study all the terms in one night. You can’t secure your money and profit overnight either. Before I became a professional author of stock books, I spent years learning and studying the basics of stocks. From there, I started my journey as a trader and investor. I honestly won’t recommend stocks if you are not willing to sacrifice your time investing in knowledge. But, if you are eager to learn and you want to know how to understand stocks easily, I have a couple of tips for you.

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The heart of why I do these seminars is I want to build a generation of Filipinos with the right foundation in stock investing.  I want to bring smart investing to every Filipino around the world! If you would like to know more about how you could time the market check out the training below.
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Buy Easy To Read Books

You don’t need books that are too technical. If you are a Filipino investor, you can choose books from many different Filipino authors. What’s great about Filipino authors is that they mix both English and Tagalog for better understanding. Investing in stocks doesn’t require you to speak and read fluent English. As long as you can comprehend well, you can easily learn the basics of investing. Look for charts and presentations within the book if you can. This is one way you can interpret what the author is trying to say about a particular stock. My books are meant for those who want to learn the fundamentals and advanced information about stocks. If you haven’t grabbed one yet, don’t forget to buy one after reading this article!

Watch Simple Videos

Again, you don’t have to watch videos with too technical terms. There are videos that use simple language but can still discuss the basics of stock investing or trading. You just have to find the best person who can teach you through a video. Browse on Youtube and search a video about what you are looking for. Make sure to find the right video content so you won’t have to waste your 5-10 minutes watching what you don’t need to see and hear.

Stay Up To Date

By keeping yourself updated about the current news locally and internationally, you are helping yourself to understand more about stocks. Usually, the news doesn’t have too hard to comprehend words. News from popular stock mentors is pretty straightforward and you can easily understand the information if you have started reading your books and watching videos. To stay up to date, you can join Facebook groups that talk about stocks or you can subscribe to your chosen stock coach or mentor.

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