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By: Marvin Germo | March 25, 2020

Working At Home

If you are working from home, your greatest challenge now is to maintain your efficiency and productivity. Not everyone is used to working from home, especially those who have worked for years in an office setup. If this is your situation right now and you think your productivity is being affected by the current community quarantine, there’s something you can do. You can still perform well while you are at home. Let me share with you today my top tips on how to overcome the challenges you are facing right now.

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Focus On Your Work

Focus on your work. If you have one full-time work that you were able to bring home, focus on it first. You still have to maintain your sense of responsibility. The environment around you might try to lure you to become unproductive. Don’t mind them. Avoid the noises around you. What you need right now is to become efficient so you can still use your extra time to do additional stuff at home. Since you don’t have to travel, you have extra time to allocate to your work to increase your productivity.

Avoid Distractions During Working Hours

Distraction might be your biggest challenge right now. Everyone is fighting the urge not to get tempted by distractions. Netflix, smartphones, game applications, whatever it is that’s trying to separate you from your work is not good for your performance during working hours. Try to focus on what you are doing within your working hours. If you have a 9-6 job, do not let distractions enter your min within this 8-hour period. You will be successful if you will think about your goals at work. Just imagine you are at the office and apply the same rules and regulations in terms of the use of smartphones.

In times like this, you have to wake up on time. You don’t earn the privilege to be late at work even if you are working at home. Set up your alarm earlier than 9:00 AM so you can still set up your equipment and prepare yourself to work. Allocate extra time for preparation. Don’t use this opportunity to abuse what you can do from home. As much as you can, follow your work schedule. In this way, you are showing your employer or your manager that you can still be disciplined despite having no one to supervise you at home.

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