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Travel on a budget

Tips to Enjoy Your Travel – On a Budget!

By: Marvin Germo | September 11, 2014

It’s not wrong to travel

For the past few years, I have learned to love travelling as it has helped me grow and understand the different cultures of the world. Travelling allows you to see the world in a different light beyond what any training or book can tell you. A lot of financial please would say traveling is bad cause it will take you away from your goals of financial freedom.

However, I believe, it’s not wrong to travel as long as what you spend for during the travel is in your budget. It’s not wrong to travel as long as you don’t go into debt for that vacation that you have been longing for.

For this post, Lianne Laroya will share her experience on how she travels on a budget.

I hope this helps you!

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“You should go and travel while you’re still young and able!”

This sounds promising, doesn’t it? You would take a leave from work, hop on a plane and wonder at a new culture of your dream destination.

But then, reality will surely creep on you and make you hesitant about your travelling venture. How much money do you need to travel? How can you afford the entire itinerary you’ve planned? “Pangarap ka na lang ba, o magiging katotohanan pa?”

How can you travel on a budget – and still go on the trip of your dreams? Follow these 15 budget-friendly and experience-centered tips for a rich travel experience that’s light on your wallet.

1. Consider connecting flights.

If you’re really looking towards saving on airfare, check out if a connecting flight is compatible to you. For example, for a flight from Manila to Tokyo:

– A direct flight would cost around P24,000

– While a connecting flight with one stop-over in Hong Kong would cost around P17,000 only.

 2. Pack light.

Bring only the clothes that you’re absolutely sure you’ll be wearing. You’ll shop around and bring lots of souvenirs back home, so leave a lot of space. You don’t want to shell out P8,000 for your excess baggage, do you?

3. Book a hotel that’s at least one station away from the central location.

If you’re not a fan of hostels (which are cheaper but less convenient accommodations), try booking a hotel that’s at least one station away from the central location. You see, hotels which are located in the central location are expensive because the place is well-known as tourist spots.

For example, the cheapest hotel room in Shinjuku area is around P5,000 a night.

Get a P3,400-room in Asagaya area, which is 2 stations away from Shinjuku instead. (The train fare is only P200 round-trip.)

4. Make one meal the highlight of your day.

You don’t need to go to a restaurant for your breakfast, lunch and dinner! If your hotel doesn’t have free breakfast, skip their restaurant and go to a convenience store or grocery shop instead. You don’t need a fancy meal to start your day.

Personally, I’d recommend you to choose your lunch as your meal highlight of the day. It’s:

– better for pictures because you get clearer pictures with the sunlight,

– less crowded because most people will be at work and,

– cheaper: lunch sets can be around P500 during 11 am-1pm while the same set can be P1,500 during 6 pm onwards!

 5. Use your feet!

Public transportation won’t just help you lose your unnecessary pounds; it can also save you more money. Unless you’re prepared to throw your money away by riding a taxi (the flag-down rate for a taxi in Tokyo is already around P350!), get a subway/train pass instead.

6. Overestimate your expenses and watch your spending.

Don’t just use your intuition in estimating your expenses. Plan where you’re going, what you’re eating and how much you’ll be spending. Include an allowance for miscellaneous expenses.

7. Check out the free tourist spots.

Before you go to your trip, research on the free tourist spots that you can go to so you know what to expect. Tokyo has Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and Senso-ji.  Seoul has free walking tours. Singapore has National University of Singapore Museum. Qatar has the Museum of Islamic Art.  Sure, day-dreaming about your travelling adventure is easy. All you need to do is to close your eyes and imagine away.

But for you to really experience first-hand the sights, for you to personally taste the food, and for you to actually marvel at the culture, you’ve got to exert your effort and invest on your experiences.

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