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Top 5 Selling Points of Scammers

By: Marvin Germo | July 18, 2014

We’re now on our 3rd week of our “Scamcrow” series where our main goal is to help Filipinos avoid scams, get out from one, and just basically impart principles for our kababayans to spot whether the investment is a scam or not.  I really want to see more Filipinos profitable the right way and have their investments work hard for them for a very very long time.

I beleive it can be done where we will see a generation of Filipinos moving from consumers to investors.  Investors who know where they are putting there money into.

For this week’s “Scamcrow”  our resident Scam columnist Mon Lao would share on the top 5 selling points that scammers normally pitch to people that they would want to dupe.  Hope you learn from this and share this to as many people as possible.  It’s time that we see less people get scammed.  It can be done!

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Top 5 Selling Points of Scammers

Since the beginning of time, scammers have always been successful in deceiving Filipinos. Some of the major factors on why people get scammed are primarily ignorance, greed, and being too trustworthy. Scammers are getting more creative nowadays but you as a smart Filipino investor can always escape unharmed if you are equipped about the common selling techniques of the scammers.  There is truth to line, “chaos is a ladder” just kidding what I meant was “knowledge is power!”

If someone is offering you an investment right now, beware of the following tell-tale signs that it is actually a scam:

1. You are always forced to invest now. 

Why are you being made to feel there is a rush to get it? If the offer is good today, then it follows that it will still be good tomorrow. It is a good practice to curb your impulse and check the offer before deciding.  A lot of scammers use high pressure selling or reverse psychology to influence your decision to sign up, because they know that what they are offering is too good to be true.

According to Bruce Lee, “Knowledge is not enough, we must apply”. However, without any knowledge on the proposition, it is better not to act at all.

2. Free or no money involved

The best things in life are said to be free, but in reality, there is no such thing as free lunch. Whatever they offer you to be free will be charged or billed to you later. Scammers use the word “free” to take advantage of our human nature. Usually what will happen is that these scammers will challenge you and teach you leverage and go deep in debt to your network and take the money .

 3. High return is guaranteed

The same with our existence, investing bears no guarantee. As life is always exposed to risk, so does investing. Since we are afraid of risk, the mere word guaranteed will let our guards down. If there is indeed a guarantee, it is to the side of the scammer who is sure to make money .

4. You get to earn interest now

Again, the scammer will offer to give you an advance profit when you invest your money. However that earning is actually your own money or maybe money from another victim.

 5. Investment structure makes no sense.

If the explanation offered is hard to comprehend , stay away. Usually scammers use sophisticated terms to appear as experts.  Even the stock market can be explained simply. Sometimes, the scammer avoids explaining how the returns can be generated.

Armed with the knowledge of these major tricks, a good thing to do is to apply delaying tactic and report this to the proper authorities. Education will still be the key to ward these scammers off.

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