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By: Marvin Germo | February 8, 2020

Learning At School

This is the fact—you will not learn everything at school. You will only be taught about the basic subjects: Math, English, Science, Management, Accounting, and so on. But you will not learn how to make your money, how to increase your increase, how to manage your expenses and other things related to your financial freedom. That’s why you really need to hustle even after you graduate. There are more things beyond what you are taught formally. And in this post, I am going to tell you the top things that they will never tell you at school.

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Make a Written Plan of Your Finances

Your school will not teach you to write your financial goals. It won’t even make an effort for you to learn how to compose your goals and plans. This is the fact you need to accept so that you will be motivated to learn it yourself. Make a written plan of your finances as early as now. Whether you are still studying, just graduated, or already working, you need this to plan your financial freedom ahead.

No Showing off Wealth

Is becoming rich something to be proud of? Definitely! But do you need to show off? Becoming rich is everyone’s dream. You will be proud of achieving your milestones. Eventually, you will say that you have finally reached the peak of success. But, there is no need to show off your wealth. There are rich people who walk in malls wearing the simplest clothes they can wear. Rich people don’t have the most expensive shoes or watches. Your school won’t teach you to be humble. You need to find it for yourself.

Regular Savings

Automating savings is one effective and powerful strategy used by rich people. They save every day or every month just to achieve their goal of financial freedom. Even if they have businesses and passive income already, they still do regular savings to increase their cash flow. This is not something you will learn from school. Teachers and professors will not teach you to open a savings account or tell you how much you should put in it. You are going to learn this all by yourself. What’s interesting here is that you will experience first hand what it’s like to have your own savings. This will lead you to become independent financially someday.

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