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By: Marvin Germo | May 18, 2019

The Emerging Real Estate Industry

At the end of 2018, the outlook for the real estate industry in our country remains positive. The greatest contributors to this growing market are the increasing demand of BPO sector for real estate spaces and the growing real estate stakeholders including the space operators, or what we know as landladies and landlords, and technology companies. If you can observe, it’s not just the market here in Metro Manila that is continuously expanding but the commerce in provinces as well. If you’re an investor and you want to start investing in real property, I will share with you the ways on how you can actually acquire your own real estate.

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Through Real Estate Agents

This is the easiest and most convenient way to get your own property. You have to find a good real estate agent who can provide you sufficient and accurate information about the property you are buying. Real estate agents are mostly professionals so you won’t experience huge issues during the transaction. If you use this method, expect that the price of the investment is high while considering other factors such as the newness of the property, the location, and the provider. If you buy condo units and houses here in the Metro, prices are higher than those in the provinces.

Ask The Banks For Foreclosed Properties

Another option is asking your bank for foreclosed properties. Banks won’t keep real properties forever. There will come a point wherein they will sell them at the best price possible to recover what they have spent for those properties. Usually, foreclosed real estate held by the banks are those that served as collateral for loans and other banking services. You should have the expectation that if you buy foreclosed properties, you will get it as it is—no reconstructions beforehand. And when it comes to the pricing, properties held by the bank are usually priced lower compared to newly built units and houses. The difference is significant so you better find a property which needs fewer retouches.

Buy From Home And Land Owners

Last but not least is, of course, buying directly from home and landowners. If you use this way, you have the chance to negotiate with the owner and the price depends on major factors like the size of the land, the location, and whether it can still cultivate crops or not. In provinces, if the lands have crops and trees in it, the value increases. Buying from real owners can save you a significant amount of money if you are good at negotiating. But prior to buying your real estate, make sure you have sufficient knowledge about the pricing.

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