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What does the 2nd best economy in Asia mean to every investor?

By: Marvin Germo | January 30, 2014

The 2013 GDP results are out!  Our economy grew by 7.2% in 2013!  This even surpasses our government’s own target of 6-7%!  This is also despite calamities that hit us late last year! This data continues to validate the previous years movement of our stock market.  A great market, leads into a great economy that will follow suit.  From another proud Filipino to another, this is such a remarkable feat for us!

A 7.2% GDP means that, we remain to be one of the hottest and strongest economies in the region!  I keep on saying this and I will say it again, we are no longer 3rd world, rather we are an economy on the rise!  An economy that is surging and poised to do even greater things in the future!  Thank God for His Grace and favor and cheers to every Filipino who made this possible!

What’s amazing now is, over the next few years when all this construction and PPP projects get finished and when we see more foreign direct investments coming into the country, that’s when more to Filipinos get to actually feel the growth and the progress.  I’m excited to see all of this things come to pass.  It’s no longer a matter of if this things will come to pass but rather, it’s a matter of when will it come!  Because I know it will!

GDP Philippines

As an investor:

1.  This gives you a greater conviction that when you put your money in your UITFs, mutual funds, or direct stocks you are putting it into something that has value and not something that just keeps going up but value does not follow.  We have value, our fundamentals are strong, and results will further show it in years to come.

2.  This pushes you to position now as prices are relatively cheaper than before and while foreign funds are still out and are selling.   My dream is that, it comes to a point that locals buy cheap and foreign funds will have to buy higher.

3.  Continue to watch out for specific sectors.  Like the construction sector which will be a direct beneficiary of all the government spending that comes this year.  Higher spending means a stronger GDP again for us.  And of course consumption, BPO, and OFW remittances will still come into play and will be key players in bring our economy higher.

2014 is going to be a great year for us as investors!  As the economy is moving higher, the rich will always be rich, that’s why its time for every Filipino to take part of this growth and take part of this progress!


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