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What I learned from Technical Analysis

By: Marvin Germo | November 12, 2014

Sharing an article written by Josh Mallo an OFW from Abu Dhabi who learned how to use technical analysis in the last in his trades. I’m just so glad that more and more OFWs are learning to trade and invest with confidence.  It’s just amazing to see more people learn and take advantage of the opportunities before them.  I beleive the future is bright for OFWs and investing!

Check out what Josh has to say!

Josh Mallo

“Without vision, people perish.” This is one of my favorite biblical quotes from the book of Proverbs.

This holds true when it comes to stocks too. In stocks, without clear vision and without confidence and strategy/road map to back it up, two things perish: your time and your hard-earned money.

When I opened a broker account last year, I was confused whether to be an investor or a trader. I had no clear strategy. My plan was simple: invest all my money in one strong blue chip company and come back to take a look after a year and see if it goes up. But then a thought lingered in my mind, what if it goes down? What should I do? How will I ever know if the market is going the opposite way? I started to lose confidence.

Although so much information is available at my fingertips for free, I make it a point to seize every learning opportunity especially if it means directly learning from an expert. So when I found out that Marvin was coming again to Dubai for an advanced technical course, I was one of the early birds who reserved for a slot.

Marvin is known for the quality of learning he imparts. Anyone who has attended his seminars can attest to how driven he is to educate people. I like attending his seminars because they are very engaging and I am always guaranteed that I will not go home without learning anything. Getting a chance to interact and build connections with fellow attendees who share the same interests and sentiments that I have was a big plus, too.

But what I liked most in the seminar was the incredible amount of first-hand information (real-life financial experiences, insights, advices, strategies) that Marvin shared. He patiently and enthusiastically answered all our questions, no matter how mundane they seemed.

How to find good stocks, the best time to buy or sell them, how to maximize gains and limit losses, chart patterns, etc. – these are some of the things I learned from the seminar. But more than that, I learned how to analyze an investment situation objectively. And most importantly, I learned to build conviction in creating the best investment strategy. With renewed motivation, coupled with a strong vision and a clear strategy,  I gained my confidence back.


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