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What is the best investment

What is the Perfect Investment For You?

By: Marvin Germo | January 7, 2017

There’s no such thing as a perfect investment.  Each investment has its own risks.  Each investment has its own pros and cons.  This blog post is here to encourage you that you don’t have to chase investment that will give you a guaranteed return or for that matter you don’t have to chase one time jackpots even in the stock market.

What is the best investment


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You must invest for a goal first before placing a single peso into any investment product or business.  Your goals will be your anchor to propel you to know whether you should invest for the short term or for the long term.  If you are investing for the short term you should only put it in investment that have low risk but at the same time low yield.  This is because you need the money already and you would not want any big drops in the market.  On the flip side if you are investing for a very long term goal.  Say 10 years and up, by all means invest in the stock market, invest in something that has a bit more risk.  Since you have a long  horizon, don’t be scared to take more risk because you don’t need the money yet.  Don’t be scared of the volatility because its also that volatility that will make you earn more over the long term.  If you want to see my other videos on stock investing check out this link.

What is the perfect investment?

Here are some investment goals that you can prepare for

1. Wedding Fund
2. Business Fund
3. Educational Fund
4. Retirement Fund
5. Insurance
6. Car Fund
7. Travel Fund
8. Giving Fund
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