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By: Marvin Germo | October 23, 2017

Less than 1% of Filipinos invest in the stock market

It’s been almost a decade since I started my road towards financial freedom. When I started to invest there were less than 1% of the Filipino population investing in stocks. Fast forward a decade later, there’s still less than 1% of Filipinos investing in the stock market. People still think it’s too complicated, too risky, that it’s only for the rich, for analysts, for people good in math, people with insider connections and people who are glued to their screen watching green and red numbers move from left to right.

Nothing can be further from truth. This are all misconceptions on what the market is. The sad part about it is, the PSEi has moved by leaps and bounds for the past decade and a huge chunk of the earnings went to foreign funds. Nothing wrong about that as we still need an infusion of foreigners investing in the Philippines but I really believe it’s time that Filipinos earn and take advantage of their own market!

With that I will make more basic posts and videos like this aimed to guide, mentor and equip Filipinos with the proper rudiments of investing in the stock market. I will do what I can to the best of my abilities to bring more consumers into stock investing. I believe we can get 10% of the population invest in stocks. I believe it can happen in this generation.

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Sharing the first of many videos that I will create to help give you the right foundation on what the stock market really is. I really want you to prosper and I want more and more Filipinos to take advantage of our own markets. This video answer the most basic question of what the stock market really is and why it is not too risky to invest in the stock market. Enjoy!

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