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By: Marvin Germo | January 23, 2020

Financial Crisis

Are you in a financial crisis right now? Are you buried in debts and don’t know what to do to pay off your loans? You’re not alone! There are people who are facing the same situation as you right now. But, is it something to stop you from hustling? No! Is it something that should hold you back from achieving your financial dreams? No! Financial crisis happens and it’s common for people to problematize over money. If you are in a deep financial struggle right now and you want to overcome it, read this!

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Calm Down – It’s Not The End Yet

You need to calm down! It’s not the end of the world yet. A financial crisis is a personal matter that you can solve and handle. Before you prepare for any financial plans, you have to calm yourself down. If you keep on stressing out on what to do, your problems will get bigger. When dealing with a financial crisis, you need to be focused and determined. You won’t be able to do that if you keep on thinking about negative things that might happen. You need to be a positive thinker. Manage your mindset first before anything else.

List Down The Causes

What are the causes of your financial crisis? Is it something manageable? Do you need other people to solve it? You will be able to answer these questions if you list down all the possible causes that are making you struggle. Get a notebook and a pen and start writing them down. This list will help you find what’s manageable and what’s not. It will also help you brainstorm the strategies to do to avoid these things from getting worse. Having a list will keep on your track so that the next time you face the same problem, you would know where to start.

Brainstorm Solutions

Now’s the time to think about the solutions to your problems. If you have large debts to settle, start paying them gradually. If you cannot pay them alone, ask for help from banks or from your family and friends. If you can get rid of what’s stressing you out, do it. Are your credit cards always luring you to spend, close them! Are your savings getting low? Put amounts in your savings account monthly! Your solutions would depend on your list of causes. Just make sure they are aligned and matched so you can solve your problems slowly.

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