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By: Marvin Germo | March 26, 2019

Long-term Over Short-Term  

Imagine yourself investing in different types of portfolio in 10 years time, do you wonder what would be your money’s worth at the end of the 10th year? Some people, especially those who haven’t ventured into investing yet, often think of it as something negative because it obviously take years of patience, effort, and money to be able to see the value of what you saved and invested. If you’re someone who thinks the same, you need to step up as there is a whole lot of positive results when you choose the long-term investing over the short-term. To give you a hint of your possible future in the market, here’s what will happen if you invest for 10 years or more.

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Good Companies Today Will Have Greater Value

Good companies today like Ayala, Jollibee, and SM are more likely to have greater values in the future considering their growth and strategies for expansion. One effective way I always recommend to investors is to buy stocks from good companies if they want higher returns in the future. Just imagine what 10 years can do for you. If you put your money into companies that you think will perform high in the coming years, you will earn great yields, possibly millions.

Your Stocks’ Prices Will Go Up

If you are a current investor and you plan on doing your investing a regular habit, the price of what you own today will go up. You may observe from time to time that the market, especially if you invest in stocks, is volatile and stocks can go up and down. The likelihood of your stocks increasing in value depends on your strategy. If you can take home some learning from your 10 years of investing, that’s a lot of contribution for you to find the right company and stocks for you.

You’ll Learn When To Buy, Sell, and Double Down 

10 years in the investment sector is already a lot of time. The readings, the seminars, and the coaching sessions you will have within this time frame can help you learn when to buy, sell, or double down your investment when the market is up or down. You are going to learn the technical analysis for sure if you focus on stock investing.Yes, it takes years of patience to grow and learn but always remember that it’s going to be worth of millions in the end.

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