What's a Good Mix of Investments for Retirement?

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Retirement investments


By: Marvin Germo | November 5, 2015

We all won’t stay young forever.  There will come a point where we will grow old and we will have to eventually retire and have our investments work hard for us.  That’s why the earlier we prepare and the earlier we get to save and invest the better it will be for us as this will allow our assets to grow over time.

The heart of this video interview is to show you different ways on how you can mix and match your investments when you have hit retirement.  Remember retirement is not a function of age but a function of how early you have prepared for your future.

I hope this video encourages and equips you to dream big and act on your investments for retirement!  Wherever you are it’s never to late to prepare and invest!  God bless you!

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Here’s the uploaded video:

The best time to prepare for retirement now! Don’t wait until you get your promotion! Don’t wait for a jackpot! You need to start to prepare for your future no matter how young you are! The best time to prepare for your future is when you think you don’t need it yet!

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