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Where’s SSI’s Stock Now, 3 Months After IPO?

By: Marvin Germo | January 12, 2015

Store Specialists Inc. (SSI) is riding its uptrend!  SSI, one of my favorite stocks, as this gives me a chance to get back whatever my wife spends,is now up 32.7% since its IPO, 47% since its bottom, and 35% since the start of its bounce from the 20 day moving average!


Congratulations to traders and investors following the consumption story of the Philippines.  We have to remember that the Philippines is a consumption driven economy that as more Filipinos spend, companies connected and alligned to this would earn further.  I hope the gains that SSI is producing would encourage more Filipinos to start studying on how they can take part of the growth and invest in the stock market!

Here’s the chart of SSI as of this writing:

SSI Jan 12 2015

After the breakout at 9 Pesos per share and it boucing off its moving average, the stock continued rise and started to form its uptrend.  Now the stock is more bullish than ever.

The stock currently is at its highest high, if you have positioned earlier, use breaks in either the trendline or the 20 day moving average if you would want to take profits for the stock.

If you would want to buy the stock, better wait for it to retrace back to its support lines before trying to buy. Can the stock still go higher from here?  Possibly.  Does it also have the potential to correct?  Possibly.  However as traders it is not our job to forecast where the stock is going but rather to follow the trend and base our descisions from there.  As of this moment, the stock is still bullish and will remain bullish until proven otherwise.

Hope this helps you in your trades!  I hope that 2015 would be a profitable year of investing for you and your family.  God bless you as you move closer and closer towards financial freedom.


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