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By: Marvin Germo | January 23, 2020

Financially Free

Imagine living your dream life 20-30 years from now. Do you see yourself traveling to a different country every day? Buying expensive shoes and bags? Thinking about those things in the future would inspire you to hustle more today. This is the reason why I always tell you to set your goals. Your goals will determine how far you are going to get in the future. Your goals will be your inspiration to keep going. Your goals will be the foundation of your success and if you won’t list them down today, your success will delay. So, why should you aim for financial freedom when it’s getting tougher to fight against your spending instincts?

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It’s Your Success Journey

Your financial freedom will reflect your success journey. Yes, it’s an indication that you finally become successful despite the struggles and sacrifices you made. Since financial freedom is everyone’s end goal, you can only determine if you have been victorious if there is a fruit. Your financial freedom is the fruit of the seeds you planted. This is going to tell you 20-30 years from now that you’ve worked hard. It will tell people about your success journey.

No More Financial Struggles

You don’t want to spend your life struggling financially. Just imagine the pain when you are 65 years old and you are still paying for your debts that you borrowed today. Without aiming for financial freedom, you are just someone who is trying to survive in this world. You need more than that to keep going. You need inspiration. If you don’t want to struggle financially in the future, the best thing you can do today is to focus on achieving financial freedom. Struggle today, enjoy tomorrow. Always remember that motto if you want to be successful in this phase.

Peaceful Retirement

No one wants to work until the age of 65 or 70. Everyone wants to rest after years of being an employee or after decades of running a business. Aiming for financial freedom will help you achieve early and peaceful retirement. If you keep on hustling today, you will eventually end up with savings and investments that you can withdraw when you retire. You will never have to worry about sustainability when you retire. You will never stress over your insufficient pension when this day comes. Setting financial freedom as your goal will free you from the stress of the future.

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