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By: Marvin Germo | February 12, 2019

Digital Platforms are changing the world!

We are in the greatest era of the internet! Magazines, newspapers and billboards are done. The attention has shifted from traditional media to digital platforms. For businesses to win in this era, they should shift to digital platforms. Here are some reasons why.

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1. Digital is accountable

The most popular means of advertising in the digital world is what we call the Pay-per-click model wherein as a business, you only pay every time someone clicks on your advertisement. This way, you know how much per click is, and if the platform you’re using to run your campaign is good, you even get to know the demographics of where the clicks came from. This means that you know where to better use your money because you know the effectivity of your campaign real-time for every click that you spend on. cost effective (compared to traditional marketing methods) Paying per click is lightyears cheaper than paying huge lumpsum amounts for a TV or radio ad. A click can be as cheap as fifty cents and you can tell your digital ad platform to stop when a certain amount has been spent (example: when you’ve spent a thousand pesos for the day). You don’t need to commit a lumpsum amount – which is fantastic for any business (small, medium, enterprise) as you can test which one works and which one doesn’t and save a lot of money.

2. Digital is Scalable

With digital you can automate the customer journey. When a potential customer lands in the website, that person can download a catalog or menu and leaves you with his or her name and email. You can then run an email campaign that will automatically start the moment they give you their name and email – and the email campaign guides that person all the way to the sale. In the entire process, you don’t need to be hands-on. The process is automated and that means you don’t need to hire a lot of people to make sure you make the sale. Your digital strategy does everything for you. Digital has far more reach than traditional marketing ever will This is because digital is global and you can run global campaigns. So long as people are using Facebook or Google in a certain country, you can run ads there.

The amazing thing about digital marketing is you can show ads only to people who are really your target market. For example, if you’re selling dog food that can make dogs talk, then your target market are only people who have dogs at home. You save money by targeting only those people and leaving out all other people who don’t have dogs as pets. You save money and you’re sure that you’re only spending for people who can potentially be your customers.

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